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BACK TO FRONT Vol 4 (KBD style Rare Punkrock 1977-'82)COMPCD

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    Shortly after the Killed By Death compiliations took off, Barny from Incognito teamed up with collector Peter Parzinger to launch the Back to Front series of compilations.

    Unlike most of the latter day 1977 - 1983 punk compilations the compiler of this series claims to have the rights to release the songs from the bands, although they say that not all of the bands could be contacted.

    The Back To Front series was released between 1993 and 1995 on Incognito Records in Germany


    1       –Tits       Daddy Is My Pusher      

    2       –Pekinška Patka       Bela Sljiva      

    3       –Standbys*       Withdraw      

    4       –Eat*       Catholic Love      

    5       –Hurskas       Sätkyihminen      

    6       –P.I.G.Z.       Stooges      

    7       –Ignerents*       Wrong Time Wrong Place      

    8       –M'n'M's*       I'm Tired      

    9       –News (4)       Chop Chop Chop      

    10       –Fast Cars       The Kids Just Wanna Dance      

    11       –Lightning Raiders       Psychedelic Musik      

    12       –Johnny Concrete       Jeg Ved Hvor Du Er      

    13       –Knots (2)       Action      

    14       –Anorexia       Pets      

    15       –Widows       We're Comin'      

    16       –Rocks (3)       You'r So Boring      

    17       –City Kent       Cancer      

    18       –Tot Rocket & The Twins*       One More Eviction      

    19 –Victimize Where Did The Money Go?


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