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CRACK IN THE COSMIC EGG -Encyclopedia of Krautrock, Kosmische Musik & Other Progressive (CD-ROM) comes in a DVD case) CD

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    Encyclopedia of Krautrock, Kosmische Musik & Other Progressive, Experimental & Electronic Musics From Germany (THULE 001CDROM):

    Written by Krautrock experts Alan and Steven Freeman, and previously published as a paperback book (long o/p), this is now available only in the somewhat archaic CD-ROM format! As the Freeman brothers say: “The Crack In The Cosmic Egg has been hailed by musicians as the most informative insight into German rock and related musics, endorsed by Faust's Jean-Hervé Peron, Amon Düül 2's Chris Karrer, really enthused about by Guru Guru's Mani Neumeier.

    The book version, first published in December 1996, has been out-of-print for a while now, and is now becoming quite a collectable. We described the book version as the definitive encyclopedia of Krautrock, Kosmische Musik and all things weird and wonderful from Germany. It contained 1177 entries (Krautrock bands, soloists, etc.), 2500 albums (including musician details), plus non-LP singles, compilation contributions, as well as two 16-page picture sections, including many rare photos, 150+ LP covers. In its pages were histories, biographies, reviews, discographies, articles on major scenes, indices, etc. Well over 4,000 copies were sold!

    Over ten years on from the book, and with six or more years of intensive research, the revised PC CD-Rom edition has become an enormous beast. Almost everything you ever wanted to know. An interactive off-line web site of HTML pages, with lots of extras, like color photos of everything we could get our hands on, as well as rare adverts, posters, gig photos, etc. There are even some choice exclusive music samples (3 hours) and videos! Everything that can be revised and updated has been, and there so many additional entries, you wouldn't believe you could fit so much on one disc!" PC CD-ROM requires HTML browser.”

    1     –Embryo (3)     Live In Kabul 1978 (Extract)     9:06
    2     –Embryo (3)     Live Extract 2002     11:30
    3     –Ethno Leaders     Live Montage     10:37
    4     –GAM     Unreleased Live 1979     11:10
    5     –Guru Guru     Electric Junk 1971     7:14
    6     –Guru Guru     Der Electrolurch 1973     13:17
    7     –Kontrast (11)     Rules Of The Band     5:58
    8     –Mythos (4)     Unknown (Extract) 1971     3:42
    9     –Neumeier* - Genrich* - Schmidt*     Unreleased 2003     5:52
    10     –Orange Peel     Jam (Extract) 1970     3:31
    11     –Out Of Focus     Hey John 1976     10:44
    12     –Out Of Focus     Kneitinging 1978     13:57
    13     –Rollkommando     Colditz & Demo     3:58
    14     –Günter Schickert     Kemenate Prayer Extract 2002     8:12
    15     –Schickert* & Strodthoff*     Apricot Brandy 2001     11:02
    16     –Xhol Caravan     Bassic Cutout (Extract)     5:40

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