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DESTINATION BOMP! DOUBLE CD VA- W Nikki Corvette,20/ 20 , Shoes, Flamin Groovies, Romantics Barracudas, Plimsouls, and more Comp CD

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     Released in 1994 this double-CD contains over 140 minutes of music celebrates 20 years of BOMP's involvement with cutting edge music. Includes recordings by the Barracudas, Snatch, Flamin Groovies, and many others, and comes with a 24 page booklet with some great photos and extensive liners by Greg Shaw. Double CD


    Released to coincide with Bomp Records' 20th anniversary, Destination Bomp is a two-disc, 48 track aural manifesto from the Los Angeles label, that surveys two decades of underground releases. Music journalist Greg Shaw formed Bomp in 1974 as a platform for rock acts residing below the major label radar. The result was nothing short of a rallying cry from a thousand garages, bedrooms and basements; an euphoric burst of '50s rock, '60s psychedelia, '70s punk and (eventually) '80s college fare that Shaw branded "power-pop". Destination Bomp begins in 1974 with the label's premier release, the sublime pop breeze of the Flamin' Groovies "You Tore Me Down," proceeding on a tour of primal surf, decimated blues, gleeful pop and shimmying punk that concludes in 1992. That year the label released "She Made Me," the debut single from the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Capping off the set is its B-side, "Evergreen," a slice of shoe-gazing drift, sprinkled with psychedelic tape loops. Though they flirted with greater success in the early '80s with a pair of minor hits (Plimsouls' "A Million Miles Away" and Josie Cotton's "Johnny, Are You Queer?"), the bulk of the label's vast roster consisted of rock & roll footnotes. Even cult idols like Iggy Pop and Jonathan Richman didn't exactly chalk up large sales figures. Still, in a perfect world, you'd surely find songs like Nikki & The Corvettes' "Just What I Needed," Things' "Everytime" and Barracudas' "Surfers Are Back," gracing the Billboard charts. Destination Bomp is an excellent compilation for fans of Nuggets-style garage anthems.

    1     You Tore Me Down     Flamin' Groovies     2:47
    2     Love of the Loved     Poppees     1:47
    3     Jingle, Jangle     Rockfield Chorale     2:48
    4     I.R.T.     Snatch     2:07
    5     Busy Man     DMZ     3:20
    6     I Got a Right     Iggy & The Stooges     3:24
    7     Don't Push Me Around     Zeros     2:24
    8     Life of Crime     Weirdos     2:19
    9     Okay     Shoes     2:16
    10     Giving It All     Twenty Twenty     2:47
    11        You're for Me     Singles     3:34
    12     Running Away     Romantics     3:00
     13     Walking Out on Love     Paul Collins, Breakaways     1:36
    14     Just What I Need     Nikki & The Corvettes     2:45
    15     Little G.T.O.     Rodney & The Brunettes     2:47
    16     She Don't Know Why I'm Here     Last     3:25
     17     I Can Never Tell     Crawdaddys     2:43
     18     The Last Year     Stiv Bators     3:00
     19     Hindu Gods (Of Love)     Lipstick Killers     3:23
     20     Left in the Dark     Vertebrats     3:23
     21     She Cracked     Modern Lovers     2:54
     22     Pull My Train [#]     Unknowns     2:26
    23     A Million Miles Away     Plimsouls     3:31
    24     Johnny, Are You Queer?     Josie Cotton     2:39
    25     Frogs     Toy Love     4:45
    26     Surfers Are Back     Barracudas     2:13
    27         Rumble at Waikki     Jon & The Nightriders     2:31
    28         Intro '66     Zebra Stripes     :55
    29         She's Not Mine     Mystery Machine     2:54
    30         Hot Generation     Pandoras     2:15
    31         It's Just a Matter of Time     Tell Tale Hearts     3:04
    32         Stoneage Stomp     Gravedigger V     2:54
    33         Already Gone     Miracle Workers     3:09
    34         Can't You Do Anything Right?     Lazy Cowgirls     3:12
    35         Lick It     Dwarves     1:23
    36         HOD     Distorted Pony     2:22
     37         Everytime     Things     4:24
     38         With You Again     Eyes Of Mind     3:51
     39         Tourists from Timenotyet     Steppes     5:55
     40         Arnold Layne     SS-20     2:35
     41         Walking in the Rain     Green Pajamas     3:18
    42         Love Is Blue     Hangman's Beautiful ...     3:37
    43         The Singer Not the Song     Patti Palladin     2:14
    44         Honey     Spacemen Three     3:00
    45         Salvation     Sacred Miracle Cave     6:40
    46         How Bread Is Made     Head     1:46
    47         Fantasy of Folk     Blair One Five Two Three     3:04
    48        Evergreen     Brian Jonestown Massacre     4:53

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