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ELECTRIC PSYCHEDELIC SITAR HEADSWIRLERS - Vol 11 (70s psych w liners and photos)COMP CD

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    This long-awaited eleventh volume in this legendary series finds it going from strength to strength, with rare late '60s/early '70s contributions from Britain, America, Germany, Holland and even Indonesia.

    It comes complete with a packed booklet featuring background notes and rare pictures.



    1             –US 69*             I'm On My Way            

    2             –Merrell Fankhauser And HMS Bounty             Visit With Ayisha            

    3             –The Paper Garden             Man Do You            

    4             –Meic Stevens             The Sailor & Madonna            

    5             –State Of Mickey & Tommy             I Know            

    6             –The Ghost*             Abyssinia            

    7             –Mandrake Memorial*             Dark Lady            

    8             –1st Century             Looking Down            

    9             –People (4)             Lucky John            

    10             –Sagram             Heavenly Feeling            

    11             –Bobby Callender             Sade Masoch            

    12             –Mushroom's God             Draped In Shades            

    13             –The Orient Express             For A Moment            

    14             –Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera             Air            

    15             –Erkin Koray             Karli Daglar            

    16             –Popol Vuh             Nosferatu            

    17             –Brainticket             Watchin' You            

    18             –Chocolate Watch Band*             Living In The Past            

    19             –Big Jim Sullivan             She's Leaving Home            

    20             –Dr. Timothy Leary             Freak Out / Turn On, Tune In (Epilogue)            


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