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FRANKLIN, RON - (great blues Peter Case related LAST COPIES ) ST - LP

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    From his adopted hometown of Memphis TN, Ron Franklin's music brings you back to the time when the urban and the rural, the folk and the blues were not far
    apart. With an impeccable underground pedigree which includes working with his bands The Entertainers and The Natural Kicks; artists such as Jack Yarber of The Oblivions, trash-garage icon Ross Johnson, as well as Peter Case and a brief stint with Love and the late Arthur Lee, Franklin's music
    is part of the legacy of the wellspring of Southern sound. „"Once every so often, a musician comes along who's heard it all-like an entire century of
    American traditional music-then gets bent on preserving the sound his way. Memphis' Ron Franklin's that guy right now. Roots are his birthright as he
    attempts to reinvent the blues and rock 'n' roll wheel, piece by piece. He's certainly got the beat-up/broke-down sound, and it's at the bedrock
    of his modern primitive songs." - Harp. "While most of Franklin's music sounds like the perfect amalgamation of garage-rock and blues -- as if the
    Kinks' Muswell Hillbillies had been transplanted to the Mississippi Delta -- these songs are stripped-down and sensitive folkie tunes that are more
    reminiscent of Fred Neil and Bob Dylan. On "Do Not Wait 'Til I'm Laid 'Neath the Clay," Franklin yodels like a forlorn Jimmie Rodgers. - Memphis


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