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GUILLOTINED AT THE HANGAR - Shielded by Death Vol 2 (Original Punkrock from Eastern Connecticut, Western Massachusetts. 1979-1983 KBD style ) COMP CD

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    Original Punkrock from Eastern Connecticut, Western Massachusetts. 1979-1983

    In the spirit of the Killed By Death series, about two years ago, a great late 70s, early 80s comp called Shielded by Death appeared on Germany’s Incognito label.

    Compiler Keith Grave has come up with yet another collection of rare and raging punk rock from ’79 through ’84 from Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

    Bacchus Archives presents present 20 tracks of primal American punk, featuring some names you might have heard of (Jack Tragic, Chronic Disorder, 8th Route Army, The Foreign Objects) and, unless you lived in the region we’ve focused on, may not have heard of. This doesn’t matter.

    The entire comp is a treat to fans of old punk rock and we’ll equate this to some of our regional 60s comps such as The East Side Sound and Legend City.


    1             –Reducers*             Out Of Step            

    2             –M-80's*             Gone Away            

    3             –Jack Tragic And The Unfortunates             I Kill Hippes            

    4             –8th Route Army*             World Of Hate            

    5             –The Outpatients*             Light Blue            

    6             –Electroflex (2)             Into The Night            

    7             –The Vandelz             Lance Link            

    8             –The Sterics             Smilin'            

    9             –Chronic Disorder             The Final Line            

    10             –October Days             West Coast            

    11             –International Q             What I Get            

    12             –The Rock Doves             Men Are Working            

    13             –8th Route Army*             Professional Killer            

    14             –Dennis Most And The Instigators             Excuse My Spunk            

    15             –M-80's*             Treebee            

    16             –Peer Pressure (2)             Sound Of The 80's            

    17             –Jack Tragic And the Unfortunates             Dig Up Your Grave            

    18             –Electroflex (2)             8th Avenue            

    19             –The Not Quite*             Satan's Elves            

    20             –The Foreign Objects*             T.V. Wizard

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