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SURFADELICA - Surfing on the Desert Shore - CD

Manufacturer: PISCES
SKU: 9843
Price: $8.00
SURFADELICA  - Surfing on the Desert Shore -   CD
Psychedelic instrumental surf music. This is the Brazilian trio's debut CD, already praised by surf music guru Phil Dirt with 5 stars. Using, des-using and de-constructing the surf-music backdrop, theyÕve reached a uniqueness that owes more to their Very own mysteries than any other flux of influences. And thatÕs their Beauty. An uncategorisable One! Mixing orthodox structures (i.e. within the surf tapestry) with popsters delicacies, fuzzy diatribes, psych imagery, and jangly-and-folkster (re) inventions, the debut works as an orgy of climaxes. Exploring also the terrain of sunshine-pop, and even (re)creating an orch-pop ambience, obviously without an orchestra, all album tracks were done with a prowess and dexterity hardly matched by contemporaries who, consciously, attempt to do so. In a solid attempt to widen the surf palette, Nishimiya, sophisticatedly, adds subtle elements of folk (on the fluttering guitar harmonies), progressive (around certain time signatures), and a general cinematic sci-fi tone brushes all over the canvas.

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