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IGGY POP & the STOOGES    - I'm Sick of You-  CD's

IGGY POP & the STOOGES - I'm Sick of You- CD's

Manufacturer: Bomp Records
SKU: 2069
Price: $6.00

Originally released in 1996, this CD's EP has been out of print since 2000, and we\'re glad to bring it back, this time restored to its original cover. It contains the 3 tracks from the classic 1977 Bomp single, outtakes from the \'Raw Power\' sessions, and as a bonus, Greg Shaw added some live versions to show how Iggy has continued to use and adapt these songs throughout his career. A total of 8 songs and 37 minutes of music for the price of a CD's single.

Track listing:

I'm Sick of You (demo)
Tight Pants (demo)
Scene of the Crime (demo)
Shake Appeal / Tight Pants (live San Diego, 1978)
Winners & Losers/Scene of the Crime (live New York, l986)
I'm Sick of You (live Cambridge, 1993)
Shake Appeal/Tight Pants (live Detroit, 1980)
I'm Sick of You (live Los Angeles, 1993).

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