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TRAINWRECK RIDERS - Lonely Road Revival - CD

TRAINWRECK RIDERS - Lonely Road Revival - CD

Manufacturer: Alive Records
SKU: 4909
More Info Here: Alive Records
Price: $9.00

“Allying the lovably dippy bluegrass of II-era Meta Puppets with flourishes of Masciesque guitar heroism and a touch of Beachwood Sparks' shimmering space-cowboy psychedelia, Lonely Road Revival, is a treat. The Riders play lovelorn waltzes (In The Wake Of It All) with a winning, ragged charm and an infectious sense of glee - the simple thrill of playing music still abundantly abuzz in their blood - restoring a sorely missed sense of romance and joy to the genre. Wide-Eyed country souls, seek this out." - Mojo. “Fans of The Band Or Buffalo Springfield should check this album out.” – Terrascope. “There's a spirit of music made for sheer joy in Lonely Road Revival that could've come straight out of The Bristol Sessions.” – Rhino.

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