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Happy Customers: Actual Emails we've received about our mail order service

• Just wanted to say thanks for the great service from Bomp. My package arrived safely, with everything in perfect condition. Having used a variety of mail order services over the years, with items arriving damaged, late (or not at all in one case), I have to say this has been one of the best services I’ve had. Thanks for all your help. - Clive Norman

• Dear Suzy, You are absolutely wonderful and an inspiration. I would like to donate the cost of the new album to your favorite charity. Please advise. Thank you. - Marshall

• I got the package in yesterday and I'm surprised. I like both posters and it's awesome that you got Parker to sign one. I was surprised to find a CD included too, I didn't know they were releasing that. Thank you very much. I really appreciate all that you've done for a customer, shows that you actually care about them. - ckymikey

• Hi Suzy, I just received the Kill City CD and lets just say, it KILLS!!!! James did an amazing job remixing the sound. No false hype regarding the claims made for this one thats fer sure. - Johnny Rahmer

• Hi Suzie and fellow Bompsters: The remastered version if Iggy’s Kill City arrived in the mail today. This sounds so much better than the version I’ve had for years! My congratulations to the engineering folks involved in restoring this, and thanks for the poster too;-). Best, Mike

• Well, you are amazing. You are the most on top of it mail order person I’ve ever dealt with. Problems happen. That’s a given. But most people drop the ball. You don’t. I can always count on you to eventually get it right. That means a lot in this day and age of apathy with ones work. You’re commitment to customer satisfaction, (and fun personality), are the reason I keep coming back to Bomp! Let it be known that when I’m recounting my blessing for the year that the joy I’ve gotten from Bomp! is on my list. Thanks again, JP

Suzy Shaw Q&A on the Underground Girls site

• Wow. Usually when a mailorder company says they’ve shipped an item they mean they’ve printed the USPS label and then thrown the package into a pile to be picked up by the post office at a later date. I got my package from you in LESS THAN 2 days from the time you sent me an email. Seriously. Your confirmation email is time-stamped at 1:13 pm on 8/31 and my mail came mid-morning 9/2. Very happy. Very impressed. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks! -David

• Thanks for the quick responses and personal touch. Bomp still is and always will be my favourite mailorder. Keep on rockin in the free world. Luv Mark Kerrigan

• must say, I haven’t received such wonderful, prompt service from a mailorder in such a long time! I used to think that ordering from Bomp! would take longer, since you all are on the Westcoast, but I’ve been proven wrong. Consider me a loyal mailorder customer. Cheers to you and the whole Bomp! crew, George B

Our Label Could Be Your Life : An Interview with Suzy Shaw of Bomp! Records

• Hi Suzy! Just wished to drop you a note to let you know that I received the ‘BOMP! 2 Born In The Garage’ package a few days ago. I was BIG TIME excited to find this package when I got home from work. WOW!…after opening it up ever so gently I just wanted to drop everything I was doing at that moment and totally immerse myself in this fabulous looking book of musical treasures. Just love all of the reproductions of so many different pages from various issues of the fanzine. Many years ago I came up empty handed trying to locate some of the ‘Who Put The Bomp’ editions I was missing in my collection. To finally have in my possession such a huge collection of some of the more memorable highlights of this ‘zine is a dream come true! The highly detailed articles and discographies of obscure artists from the ’60s is pure joy. BOMP! is truly in a class that very few others can hope to reach. Yourself, Mike Stax and others involved in this sequel to ‘BOMP: Saving the World One Record At A Time’ have done yourselves proud yet again. One of the very cool additions to the new book is the issue-by-issue guide to Greg Shaw’s 1970s fanzine output which discusses the contents of these issues. A sweet historical perspective indeed! Congratulations to all of you for assembling such a wonderful book. Regards, John Sorensen PS…It was fun to see you modelling some of your creations from the Snazzy Leather Company. This was a very nice touch to personalize things I thought. You’re very talented, Suzy!

• Bomp Records is the best. I’ve said it before & now I’m saying it again. Got The Gears/Four on the Floor, Real Kids/New Rose Years & Nerves/One Way Ticket records in the mail today from BOMP, and my life has been changed for the better, permanently. Now if I could just get back to work selling Andy Gibb records, having had my brainwaves altered dramatically by the sounds of the Gears. Praise the lord. Order EVERYTHING from the BOMP family of labels with the explicit guarantee of mindmelting rockness, and expect timely delivery in attractive packaging. Well, okay – a cardboard box. Earlier feedback: "Now it can be told: BOMP Records is the world’s greatest record label AND record retailer. 5 items shipped from BOMP arrived today, nicely packed, everything as it should be, and it is a glorious day. All hail BOMP Records. Yes!" – Jeff

• Thank you so much for the CD’s. They were very important to me, and you got them here very quickly and they arrived in perfect condition. I am proud to support BOMP mailorder, just as BomP has supported so many bands in the music industry over the years. What you do is so important to the indie "scene" (I Hate to use cliche’s like that). But I hope you get my point. Solid distribution is crucial to smaller record labels, and you folks are setting an amazing standard – better than many so called Major labels I have dealt with. So thank you for everything from the immediate confirmation of my order, to the shipping statement, to the complete order information and receipt included in my perfectly packed, padded mailer. This transaction was Perfect. Cheers to BOMP Records and of Course Suzy Shaw ! Peace. – M. Scott Harlan

• Thanks for the quick responses and personal touch. Bomp still is and always will be my favourite mailorder. Keep on rockin in the free world. Luv Mark Kerrigan

• I must say, I haven’t received such wonderful, prompt service from a mailorder in such a long time! I used to think that ordering from Bomp! would take longer, since you all are on the Westcoast, but I’ve been proven wrong. Consider me a loyal mailorder customer. Cheers to you and the whole Bomp! crew, George B

• Hello suzy, Mark here from twist records, just bought the book, its fantastic!! I dug out some old flyers when me and my old band the risk played the hollywood cavern for Greg in the 80s, thought you might be interested. I am so glad you have put this book out. Thanks – mark twist records

• Hi Suzy ! Got the CD’S through today – great music !! Thanks for a great, fast & personal service, you are the best for this in all the years i have been buying records & CD’S from overseas.!! I’m sure there will be a few more GTA CD’S to purchase in the near future. Cheers ! – Richard, York, England

• I just finished reading the Bomp! book and just wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed it, and how much it meant to me. After turning the last page, I found myself almost wanting to cry. The picture the book presents of Greg, you, the magazines, the label, all the bands, the music and zine businesses . . . it all came across so clearly that it made me feel like I was in the little world of Bomp! between the book’s covers. I felt like I was leaving friends/comrades after closing the book. A lifelong music fanatic and passionate follower of 60s garage rock and Power Pop, I can relate to the passion you and Greg always shared about the music, and the frustrations of trying to make a lifestyle out of those passions when there are so many obstacles in the way of that. Anyway, I’m mostly just wanting to say that I loved the book and have always loved what you guys have done. What a great way to spend a life, and what a great job the book does of describing that life! Thanks and congratulations. – Brian Greene / Durham, North Carolina

• Suzy, and the gang at BOMP, Just want to tell you, I finished reading the book, Saving The World One Record At A Time, and I was very impressed by it. The feel that Greg had for the music really shows thru, and the material from the 70s really holds up, in some ways, its quite prophetic. I think Greg recognized before most that the music was easily corrupted, and susceptible to compromise, all for the promise of greater sales. Nowadays, there is too much "packaged revolution", that is, if you want to be a rebel, just go to Hot Topic and buy your look. Not quite what we all wanted with Punk or Powerpop. Nice job to everyone concerned! – Joseph Mankowski

• Hey Suzy! i just want to say a big thankyou for getting the Bomp! book out to me in time for christmas! I was so happy when I opened it on christmas morning because I didnt expect it to get to France in the space of 7 days or whatever it was. The book is so cool, really awesome. It deserves to be very successful and i hope it gets what it deserves critically and financially! I have spent some nice time over the holiday period reading some great interviews and storys. I wish I was around in them days. sigh! It’s gonna take some reading, but it’s a good thing of course!! kind regards, hope all is well! – Neil

• Dear Suzy, The package has arrived today! What a great gift for this weekend. About the book…i don’t know enough words in english to describe it….what an amazing work you’ve done…much more ambitious than i thought….a great piece of art….and i can’t tell you how emotive i was when i saw for the first time the cover of the first issues of Mojo Navigator… Thanks a lot Suzy! It was very kind of you to autoghraph it. I’ll treasure it. – from Portugal

• A wonderful time to be a music fan these days. Over the past few years there have been all kinds of highly enjoyable, superbly written books and albums released for folks who appreciate music other than what is being heard these days on commercial radio. We are SO fortunate to have individuals such as yourself who keep the flame alive for the vision that BOMP established many years ago. Thank you for all your efforts. Geeky music folks such as myself are passionate about what we listen to and BOMP continues to provide an outlet for us in which to access these recordings. Have a fine Thursday, Suzy! Regards, John Sorensen

• Hey: Here’s a buncha appreciative babble. Thanks tonz for the best service in ages. The Bomp book arrived on Dec 23. What a truly amazing read. There’s so much to rave about and I’m sure you’ve heard it all by now but those stories about the flooding at Bomp are undeniably unforgettable myth right there to share and scare – and the unpublished final ish was a killer soooprize – especially all that stuff about the Minneapolis scene, 500 miles south of Winnipeg – the closest US large urban center to us. So thanks Suzy. A bunch of people were telling me about the CREEM book and yappin on about how neat it is. I thumbed through it at one of our local booksellers here called McNally Robinson – it’s nothing special. I didn’t buy it: A bunch of excerpts from the era that CREEM became after its much more vital period in the late 60s/70s. The Bomp book on the other hand is a perfect representation of what you guys – what Greg – was/were doing – perfectly undiluted and groundbreaking more than ever before. Proper exciting Powerpop arguably has STILL to hit mainstream enmasse, ACID PUNK the same. Maybe some day the average peon will be tastefully consumer oriented enuff in the post Wii, MyFace crapulated generation to figure out the future started long ago in Burbank no less by people who were just trying to live their lives and dig what they dug and write about it. Spot on job kids! I’m fucking proud of – and more importantly very entertained by you all. Well thanks and keep those stories on the index cards – Don Bailey