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    Conjure an image, if you dare, of Bo Diddley crashing a punk bus into Hamburg-era Beatles, and you’ll be close to uncovering Thee Wylde Oscars’ modus operandi. From further essential ingredients, including the sweat of Little Richard and the death-or-glory ramshackle chords of Chuck Berry, Thee Wylde Oscars have concocted their own treasure-trove of gems from a pirate’s garage.

    Propelled by a cataclysmic rattle-trap rhythm, Drummer George Wylde lays down the Big Beat that heralds the beginning and the end of all music...voodoo propulsion for the now generation...
    Meanwhile, bassist Monk Wylde’s vocal grab-bag ranges from sweet backing harmonies to lung-busting infernos, and bass lines that swing like the last train outta New Orleans...
    Rog Wylde stabs shards of boogie-woogie piano, straight from the cat house, doused in rocket fuel and saloon curses, as well as 60’s-style garage-graveyard organ...

    Jay Wylde, on lead vocals, guitar riffs, licks and all the tricks, slices through like Ike Turner’s flick-knife...A frenetic combination of garage street-punk energy and 60’s melody, crafted to stick to your hips...
    Songs about the nefarious lights of Saturday nights…shimmying and twisting your Wylde Ass into oblivion...Reelin’ and Rockin’ seven-inch tracks...Love Reactions and Heart Attacks...Resurrection hoodoo and Deja Voodoo...
    The recording you hold reflects Thee Wylde Oscars’ mission in alchemy: Cut it live, loud and proud, and let the devil take the hindmost…reel it, rock it, swing it…tear it up and stick it back together with gaffer tape and blood lust…all the while, praying to the album’s nefarious namesake: Rosalita, the mysterioso with gunslinger hips, moonshine lips, and eyes as hypnotic as the long, lonesome prairie… Rosalita, from the land where the desert night’s on fire with rattlesnake rhythms…and holding the Smith and Wesson that scattered the sparks that ignited the carnage – the wild, wylde, will-o-the-wisp…ROSALITA…

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