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ZIPPS - Kicks and Chicks Ever Stoned (60s psych)LP

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    The remaining members of The Moving Strings and The Beat-Town Skifflers formed The Zipps in the autumn of 1965. The band received national attention almost immediately because of their remarkable blend of folk-rock with beat influences.

    But The Zipps impressed even more when their music evolved to psychedelic, including a colorful, bubbling and mind-expanding light show. The fans put up stickers all over the Netherlands, with slogans like: 'Be Stoned, dig The Zipps psychedelic sound. I

    In  2011 The Zipps celebrated their 45th anniversary. The kick-off is this beautiful vinyl album Kicks & Chicks: Ever Stoned, with much unreleased material.

    Such as the original versions of Marie Juana (Give Me Your Smell) and Benzedrine Bass Player (Hurry I Need Benzedrine), the never-released single The Singer Was Stoned/Lotus Love, instrumental versions, extended versions of Kicks and Chicks and When You Tell It, Tell It Well ..!, a live version of Roll The Cotton Down in 1965 by The Beat-Town Skifflers and the previously unreleased Watch What Happens! from 1971. All these wonderful sounds are packed into a stunning psychedelic sleeve ...

    KICKS AND CHICKS: EVER STONED is a great monument to The Zipps and their legendary music ... Be Stoned! Dig the Zipps!

    Eventually ZIPPS evolved in to COSMIC DEALER recoding a couple of singles and one classic album.


    A1 Roll The Cotton Down 2:17
    A2 The Beer Hall Song 2:34
    A3 Rock My Soul 2:21
    A4 Kicks And Chicks 3:30
    A5 Mari-Juana (Give Me Your Smell) 3:50
    A6 Benzedrine Bassplayer (Hurry I Need Benzedrine) 2:44
    A7 Mari-Juana (Give Me Your Smell) 2:53
    B1 The Struggle For Ice-Cold Milk Of Benzi The Bassplayer Or How To Promote Dutch Milk 2:26
    B2 The Singer Was Stoned 3:05
    B3 The Singer Was Stoned 3:04
    B4 Lotus Love 2:54
    B5 When You Tell It, Tell It Well 4:06
    B6 Watch What Happens! 5:45


    A1, A2 and A3 are recorded live in 1965
    A4 full length stereo version 1966
    A5, A6 and A7 are demo recordings from 1966
    B1 stereo version 1966
    B2 demo vocal 1968
    B3 demo instrumental 1967
    B4 demo instrumental 1967
    B5 full length 1967
    B6 demo 1971
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