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A FINE DAY AND A BRILLIANT EVENING -Cherry Red Rarities 1983-85 (willowy pop) COMP CD

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    More willowy pop of yesteryear from the vaults of Cherry Red. The second release in the Cherry Red Rarities series, is a collection of rare and upstanding tracks from three of Cherry Red’s most popular artists: Jane And Barton, Grab Grab The Haddock (yes, they really did exist) and In Embrace. “The juxtaposition of the three artists here seems coincidental, yet they successfully present different facets of the sound of the label during the early 80's. Jane & Barton start with the acapella 'It's A Fine Day' which was later turned into the Opus III dancefloor smash. Flute and percussion accompany Jane on 'I Want To Be With You' to nice pastoral effects a la Virginia Astley, although the latter would have never named one of her songs 'Ha Bloody Ha', which poses such thought-provoking questions as "Did you hear about the woman who died" or "What part of a vegetable can't you eat". Simple voice and piano arrangement on 'There Is A Man' and 'You Are Over There' makes ideal lazy afternoon listening, only to be rudely disturbed by Mr.Barton's grating screech on 'You Are Over There Part Two'. Onto the marvelously named Grab Grab The Haddock, which included two of the three Marine Girls after Tracey Thorn went on to form Everything But The Girl. They pretty much carried on with the style of their previous band, only now augmented to a four-piece. Lightweight summery guitar pop, the stuff that made Cherry Red famous. In Embrace played moody melodic pop with guitar and synths. Although once described as 'introverted and emotionally unfathomable' the songs are actually quite classy and the sentiments deeply felt. 'The Darkest Horse' features a spine-tingling chord progression slightly reminiscent of the Cocteaus. They should have been big. The CD ends with a bonus video of 'It's A Fine Day'.

    1     –Jane (4) And Barton*     It's A Fine Day     
    2     –Jane (4) And Barton*     It's A Fine Day (A Guy Called Gerald Remix)     
    3     –Jane (4) And Barton*     Of All-Leaves Were Falling     
    4     –Jane (4) And Barton*     I Want To Be With You     
    5     –Jane (4) And Barton*     There Is A Man     
    6     –Jane (4) And Barton*     You Are Over There (Part One)     
    7     –Jane (4) And Barton*     You Are Over There (Part Two)     
    8     –Jane (4) And Barton*     Ha Bloody Ha     
    9     –Grab Grab The Haddock     Last Fond Goodbye     
    10     –Grab Grab The Haddock     Wan But Smiling     
    11     –Grab Grab The Haddock     I'm Used Now     
    12     –Grab Grab The Haddock     Nothing You Say     
    13     –Grab Grab The Haddock     That Day     
    14     –In Embrace     Shouting In Cafés (12" Version)     
    15     –In Embrace     Chocolates For Breakfast     
    16     –In Embrace     This Brilliant Evening     
    17     –In Embrace     The Darkest Horse     
    18     –In Embrace     This Brilliant Evening (Instrumental)     
    Video     –Jane (4) And Barton*     It's A Fine Day

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