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ACID AND FLOWERS - VA (21 rare 60s psych singles) COMPCD

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    What else can you expect from the label named after Timothy Leary's brain?

    How about an incredible compilation of twenty-one rare psychedelic singles, delicious nuggets from a world gone mad with free love and expensive drugs, a world where LSD was the only truth, a world from which few have willingly returned; distorted fuzz guitars, phasing, weird echoey drums and songs about 'Strawberry Children' (the Hobbits) make this an expertly assembled psychedelic journey for all would-be stoners.

    Includes tracks by Ford Theater, the World Column, Crystal Chandelier (the incredible and chilling 'Setting of Despair' that opens the collection), and many obscure others.



    1             –Crystal Chandelier, The*             The Setting Of Despair             2:44

    2             –Last Word, The*             Bidin' My Time             2:13

    3             –Whatever, The             The Valley Of Death             2:21

    4             –Allies, The (4)             I'll Sell My Soul             2:43

    5             –World Column, The*             Lantern Gospel             3:28

    6             –Hobbits, The             Strawberry Children             3:23

    7             –Picture, The*             Evolution             4:22

    8             –West Coast Branch*             Colors Of My Life             2:30

    9             –Morticians, The             It's Gonna Take A While             2:37

    10             –1st National Band             When Once It Was Good             2:41

    11             –Savage Generation, The             You're Not Going To Change My World             3:03

    12             –Starfires, The (2)             There's Still Time             1:58

    13             –Hindenburg Lyon             Eden             2:13

    14             –Ford Theatre             Jefferson Airplane             3:04

    15             –Lords, The (3)             Death Bells At Dawn             2:48

    16             –United Travel Service, The             Wind And Stone             3:20

    17             –Culver Street Playground             East River Lovers             2:56

    18             –Utopia Carwash             Loneliness             3:17

    19             –Venus Flytrap, The             The Note             3:17

    20             –Rainy Daze, The             In My Mind Lives A Forest             2:48

    21             –Zero Tolerance, The             Acid And Flowers             3:25

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