ACID LEMON -INTRODUCING(Texas garage punk psych circa 1966) CD

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Italian band, including ex-99th FLOOR members, playing an incredible blend of Texas garage punk psych circa 1966.

Their sound can be compared to early Chesterfield Kings. A great mix of swinging farsifa and tremolo/fuzz driven tracks, drenched in full reverb, recorded in mono for listening pleasure.

Including fine versions of "The liberty bell", the Electric Prunes "Get me to the world on time" as well as the garage punk anthem "Little boy blue".
1     Come My Way     
2     Get Me To The World On Time     
3     Lost In Tyme     
4     I Can See     
5     Close Your Eyes (You'll See The Sun)     
6     Little Boy Blue     
7     No More     
8     I'll Be Gone Away