AKA -REFLECTION (Indonesian '70s heavy psych rock) CD

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Fans of 60s US west coast dream pop who may stand heavier tunes and devoted music lovers who go for the classic 60s and early 70s sound will go nuts!

AKA might have been one of the top acts of the Indonesian rock scene in the late '60s and early '70s. It does not necessarily mean that any international audience for heavy rock and psychedelic sounds would have noticed that back then but we change that now. A beautiful reissue with lush epic ballads, powerful heavy rock, a great beat tune with a flowery feel that drags you straight to the dancehall and another epic, yet utterly heavy blues rock and psyche freak out track that makes this a colourful album to spin on your stereo. 
1     Reflection     
2     Jeritan Seniman     
3     Mendaki Gunung     
4     Cahaya Tuhan     
5     Akhir Kesucian Gadis     
6     Only One Man     
7     Jatuh Cinta     
8     Mira     
9     Penjaga Padi