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Perfect gift for yourself or a friend! Get all of the ALIVE 2015 releases on COLOR VINYL, PLUS T SHIRT, BADGE AND BUMPER STICKER for a bargain price. ONE TITLE IS EVEN AUTOGRAPHED!

Just send us a note with your order and let us know which ALIVE shirt you want ok?

* ALREADY HAVE SOME OF THESE? Go ahead and substitute any other ALIVE title $18 and under, we aren't hard-asses about it!

Here are the releases for 2015:

(1) ALIVE 0165 PRIMA DONNA Nine Lives and Forty Fives on YELLOW VINYL, AUTOGRAPHED
HUFFINGTON POST: Firing on all cylinders, the prettiest men in rock n roll, Glam rockers Prima Donna have done it again with the release of their latest album Nine Lives and Forty Fives. Fast, edgy, in-your-face with an attitude, this album lets us know without doubt they don’t give a shit about who they insult or what the world thinks of them, because it’s just the nature of rock n roll and the musician’s life on the road amid one-night-stands, groupies and the next gig. It’s bold, brash and beautiful, and I’m loving every minute of it.

POPMATTERS: Andy Gabbard of Buffalo Killers Gets Blissed Out On His Fuzzy Solo Debut, ‘Fluff’ .Andy Gabbard has been performing as guitarist and vocalist for Cincinnati-based rock band Buffalo Killers for nearly a decade, and is now stepping out on his own with his solo debut, the simultaneously distorted, psychedelic and enthusiastic Fluff.

Sun Records will compile deep cuts from artists like Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Charlie Rich into the Curated by Record Store Day Vol. 2 double-album. Meanwhile, the newer L.A. label Alive Naturalsound will be celebrating their 20th anniversary with four sides of their own, compiling unreleased or hard-to-find tracks by artists like Lee Bains III and the Black Keys.
As part of Record Store Day, Alive Naturalsound is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a label with an exclusive vinyl-only double album entitled ROCK & ROLL IS A BEAUTIFUL THING. But instead of being just another label compilation of previously released material slapped together, we’re bringing you newly recorded tracks, unreleased studio outtakes, spirited cover songs, and tracks available on vinyl for the first time, all carefully mastered, and complete with a cover by illustrator William Stout.

ALIVE 0169 was reserved for a digital single. James Leg "Oh Sinner Man" used in the movie Blackhat. There is no physical product

(4) ALIVE 0170 SHOES - Primal Vinyl - BLUE VINYL  - Last copies!
DIFFUSER FM: Over the past four decades, Shoes have amassed a massive, fabled catalog of rock tunes and for this year’s edition of Record Store Day, they’ve collected some of their favorites — along with previously unreleased demos and a 2013 live version of “I Don’t Wanna Hear It” – for the very special Primal Vinyl.

CLASSIC ROCK: If you buy one record this week, make it DIRTY SPLIFF BLUES! You want dirty? We’ve got dirty. We’ve got a multi-tiered cake of the filthiest blues-rock in Indiana, USA. Not to mention some of the more charismatic. Nestled somewhere between the raw, mad Robert Johnson blues of the Graveltones and the heavy Southern fuzz of The Cadillac Three – plus the spiky, modern cool of both – Left Lane Cruiser have steadily carved a scuzzy yet groovy addition to present-day rootsy music. The latest result of which can now be yours.

(6) ALIVE 0172 DATURA 4 - Demon Blues - PINK  VINYL
CLASSIC ROCK: Tradition suggests that musicians get quieter as they get older, as the volume beloved by youth is replaced by gentler leanings. If you’re banging out noisy riffs as a young adult, there’ll probably become a point where you want to break out the acoustic guitar.
One man bucking the trend is Australian singer and guitarist Dom Mariani, who first found fame with The Stems, a magnificent Perth band whose full debut album At First Sight, Violets Are Blue is rightly considered a garage rock classic, a triumph of chiming guitars and wistful, power-pop melody. Although The Stems are still an occasional concern, his main focus these days is Datura4, an altogether more powerful beast. Named after a particularly noxious hallucinogenic plant (the ‘4’ was added because another Datura got there first), they’re a riffing machine with a heart full of psychedelia. And there’s more Australian rock royalty in the band, as Mariani is joined by You Am I and one-time New Christs singer/guitarist Greg Hitchcock. The line-up is completed by Warren Hall on drums and bassist Stu Loasby.

(7) ALIVE 0173 JAMES LEG - Below the Belt - CLEAR VINYL
NO DEPRESSION: The baritone beast that is James Leg (aka John Wesley Myers of the Black Diamond Heavies) is back with an eternally powerful offering of hypnotic, distortion gospel-blues and cement-hearted rock-n-soul. Working his trademark Fender Rhodes piano into a tizzy backed by drums and guitar tones to wake the dead, Below The Belt feels as if Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, and Booker T and the MGs played the party that accidentally burned down Junior’s Place on April 6, 2000 in Culahoma, MS and engraved that night onto vinyl. Pulling no punches is evident from the get go with album opener “Dirty South”. Leg steers a beautifully distorted, heavily chorused Rhodes progression backed by a crafty drumbeat with a lyrical delivery reminiscent of the dark lord himself. Add in some choice piano fills and you just started off the purest rock record of 2015.

(8) ALIVE 0174 GOSPELBEACH - Pacific Surf Line - SMOKE VINYL 
SPIN: As a founding member of Beachwood Sparks, Brent Rademaker built a castle of sand out of gently twanging guitar lines and jaunty basswork and from the looks of things he’s returning to those warm shores for his new band GospelbeacH. Along with singer/guitarists Neal Casal and Jason Soda, bassist Kip Boardman and drummer Tom Sanford, Rademaker’s again making a sleepy (stoned?) version of folk-rock structures that’s somewhere between kaleidoscopic alt-country and the times when the Grateful Dead decided to color within the lines.

(9) ALIVE 0175 DM3 - West of Anywhere - RASPBERRY VINYL
DAVE DIMARTINO/YAHOO MUSIC : If you’re looking for things you may have missed, and if you grew up in a mid-America best served by mall record stores like Musicland, there’s every chance in the world you missed out on Australia’s DM3 and you will go bonkers when you finally hear them. This set, which collects the best of the band’s three ‘90s albums, is a perfect distillation of what they were all about: Hooks, energy, power, and as trios go (Dom Mariani, Toni Italiano, Pascal Bartolone), not a single wasted note anywhere. Anyone captivated by the current Datura4—and captivated you should be—should check out DM3, as it features that band’s Mariani in perhaps more polished, less frenetic mode, but certainly equally as enjoyable. You and most everyone else will like this lots.

(10) ALIVE 0176 - DIRTY STREETS - White Horse - Electric BLUE VINYL
GLIDE MAGAZINE : Memphis power-trio Dirty Streets are entrenched in the kind of deep soul, funk, blues, heavy boogie and psych-rock that was a domineering force of nature during the Seventies but is hard to come by these days, at least in a way that feels authentic. These guys are as real as it gets and they’re ready to kick your ass with rock and roll.

NOTE:  NONE OF OUR ALBUMS HAVE DOWNLOAD CARDS, why, you ask? Because we tracked the use of the cards and found out it cost $20 per download, insane! We'd rather give you guys the cd for a low price and give the money to our hardworking artists. So use the pulldown menu to add the CD versions for just $40.

(SHOES Primal Vinyl and the ALIVE ANNIVERSARY ALBUM were not released on CD. )