ALIVE 2019 WRAP UP! BUNDLE OF ALL FIVE 2019 LP releases on the mighty ALIVE label for a great price!

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 ADD ALL 5 CDS AT A BARGAIN PRICE TOO! We'll toss you a few posters and stickers with the bundle.

A great way to catch up on what you might have missed this year.



(1) LEFT LANE CRUISER “Shake and Bake”
The best blues rock band period. – SOMETHING ELSE

(2) GOSPELBEACH “Let it Burn”
A real peach of an album, but one that is tempered by the tragic loss of guitarist/ vocalist Neal Casal. – TERRASCOPE

(3) DATURA4 “Blessed is the Boogie”
One again, DATURA4 have produced a gem. – FIREWORKS MAGAZINE

(4)JESPER LINDELL “Everyday Dreams”
A groovy nugget of throwback soulful rock and roll. Lindell showcases a voice that is completely original and well-suited to lead a band. – GLIDE MAGAZINE

(5)LONESOME SHACK “Desert Dreams”
There’s a lot in their music, a pinch of folk, a sprinkle of country blues and a swirl of Canned Heat boogie. – AMERICANA UK

(6) BEECHWOOD “Trash Glamour”
I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who loves noisy guitars, teenage angst and great tunes. Play it loud and play it often! – FEAR AND LOATHING