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"We are trying to preserve the best of alternative music culture from the creeping mediocrity that always seeks to envelop it." GREG SHAW  1995

Wise words, and we are still fighting the good fight! (I think we lost a while ago, but what the hell..) .  According to recent articles, every pressing plant in America is very busy pressing Adele records and has no time for the likes of us or any other small label. Our new releases are pushed back again and again, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Strange days indeed, but we still managed to deliver 5 excellent new releases in 2021 . . Everything from psych to soul to the bluesy garage sounds of Handsome Jack. 

If you already have one or two, you can sub another title on ALIVE or BOMP too. (under $25)

Here’s what you get:

-HANDSOME JACK “Get Humble” ltd ed of 300 SPLATTER VINYL  

- T-MODEL FORD “I Was Born In A Swamp” ltd ed of 300 CLEAR RED VINYL

- SWAMP DOGG “Have You Heard This Story?”  ltd ed of 300 CLEAR GREEN VINYL

- TRIPTIDES “Alter Echoes” ltd ed of 300 CLEAR BLUE VINYL

- SOLEDAD BROTHERS “The Hardest Walk” ltd ed of 300 SPLATTER VINYL  




Few bands are so revered by their contemporaries as the SOLEDAD BROTHERS, who formed in 1995 and hail from the same Detroit scene that spawned the likes of the White Stripes, Brendan Benson, and the Greenhornes.

"At their best, Soledad Brothers recall the Rolling Stones when Mick and Keith were fresh-faced bluesheads in the mid-Sixties: The prolific Detroit foursome kicks out solid, harmonica-laced blues riffs without sounding derivative or cheesily nostalgic. Meet the Motor City's newest hitmakers." - Rolling Stone.

"Originally a Detroit neo-blues twosome that was inevitably compared with the White Stripes, the Soledad Brothers have expanded significantly, and not just in personnel. The band's new album, "The Hardest Walk," features four players -- only three officially Soledad sibs -- and a style that employs the blues as a foundation rather than as a straitjacket.The album opens with a brace of bluesy rockers, "Truth or Consequences" and "Downtown Paranoia Blues," but these days that's not all the Brothers can do." - The Washington Post.

"The Soledads grapple with self-consciousness, and overcome it whenever they slip music past their own heads and into their bones." - The Onion





SUPER LIMITED COLOR PRESSING of the1974 soul album. Includes an INSERT with lyrics and photos. Features SWAMP DOGG's original liner notes on the back cover as well as brand new ones on the insert.

" I designed this album for you to enjoy. I did my best work to date. I wrote my ass off for you, I sung my ass off for you,now if this still is not enough for you, just remember the old Chinese saying "YUCK FOU" - SWAMP DOGG (from his original liner notes) More or less totally destructive. The one-sided concept is hypochondria--what's the last soul album to use the word "hyperventilation"? Side two leads off with the singer catching his wife in bed with another woman. ROBERT CHRISTGAU





With "Get Humble" Handsome Jack digs again into the classic American musical lexicon (blues, soul, country, rock'n'roll) to craft a timeless rock album ideal for house and block parties. “Get Humble” is packed with soulful vocals, swampy guitars, countrified rock, and west coast vocal harmonies. Their most accomplished album to date.Hailing from Lockport NY, the trio plays a fusion of boogie soul rock and roll that has earned them the admiration of fellow rock travelers Chris Robinson (CRB, Black Crowes), Neal Casal (CRB), Zachary Gabbard (Buffalo Killers, The Black Keys), and Ben McLeod (All Them Witches) among many others.


LIMITED ed of 200 CLEAR RED VINYL. The Best Of the Alive sessions. LP ALV 0215

Featuring members of GravelRoad, Outrageous Cherry, Moreland & Arbuckle, and Soledad Brothers.

"With a little help from his friends, T-Model Ford has once again walked into the studio and bettered himself." – Alan Brown / POPMATTERS

"A far more interesting recording because of its "impurities" -- paradoxically, making it a far more "authentic" blues record because it is linked to multiple historic traditions simultaneously. It’s exponentially more enjoyable and exciting as blues than anything coming out of Chicago in the 21st century." – Thom Jurek / ALL MUSIC




 With a sound oscillating between psychedelic pop and space rock, Triptides’ album “Alter Echoes” channels both The Byrds at their most hallucinogenic and Floyd at their most cosmically composed while creating something immediate and new.

The band has established itself as a preeminent part of the Los Angeles new wave psych music. With “Alter Echoes,” they pull away from the pack, thanks to the quality of their songwriting, performance and production.

Triptides is led by multi-instrumentalist Glenn Brigman, and with drummer Brendan Peleo-Lazar and bassist/guitarist Stephen Burns.