ALKANA -WELCOME TO MY PARADISE ( 1978, long lost hard rock gem) LP

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Formed in the biker hotspot of San Bernadino, east of Los Angeles, Alkana centred on the voice and lyrics of future Warlord frontman, Jack Rucker, and the guitar pyrotechnics of Danny Alkana, who drew heavily from the style of Boston's Tom Scholz and Deep Purple's Richie Blackmore, bassist Craig Williams and drummer Donny McLaughlin keeping the rhythms fast and furious.

'California Rock'n'Roll Queen' and psych epic 'The Tower' have the kind of Golden State rock majesty of Van Halen or Journey, and there are shades of Granmax, Asia and Judas Priest too. Originally issued on the Baby Bird label in 1978, this is a long lost hard rock gem, ripe for rediscovery!