ALPAY - YETKE (70s Turkish psych) CD

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In Turkey, psychedelia wasnt just some fleeting fad.

Fuzzed-out guitar shredding genuinely intersected with some of the goals of traditional folk & classical music. As a result, even former twist singers & folk balladeers explored some fascinating & wild territory.

These early 70s singles lay down doleful Anatolian melodies, and they're simply soaking in heavy & wah-ed out guitar solos. If you're ready to go beyond Baris & Erkin, this is the perfect spot.

Remastered Sound, insert / booklet with liner notes by Angela Sawyer (Weirdo Records)


1  Can Karagözlüm  2  A k Böyledir  3  Da larin Gözya lari  4  Ben Armudu Di lerim  5  Suna  6  Denizciler  7  Akça Kizlar  8  Bak Kalbim  9  Gönüllerde Bahar  10  Toprak  11  Yekte  12  Seni Dileniyorum