ARMAGGEDON -ST (Anglo blues Heavy rock 1970) LP

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Revered by many wise listeners as one of the finest heavy rock albums of the early 1970’s, this was the only effort of Anglo-American blues rock from former Agitation Free/Emergency/Inga Rumpf guitarist and vocalist Frank Diez’s short-lived group.

Armageddon were one of the foremost Berlin exponents of Anglo-American inspired rock, and much better than most of their contemporaries, yet until the CD reissue hardly anyone had heard of them!

With their influence clearly defined, the album contained excellent versions of Jeff Beck's "Rice Pudding" and Spooky Tooth's "Better By You, Better Than Me", Armageddon should have been an international hit, as they had an accessible sound with lots of complex and highly progressive elements.But, as with most Kuckuck releases, nobody noticed.

Nowadays it's revered as one of the finest heavy rock albums in the early-70's. Unfortunately short-lived, Armageddon only made the one album and then split. Great versions of Jeff Beck’s ‘Rice Pudding’ and Spooky Tooth’s ‘Better By You, Better Than Me,’ among other impressive tracks.

English lyrics. Limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl, heavy cover.

A1     Round     4:06
A2     Open     7:23
A3     Oh Man     5:59
B1     Rice Pudding     9:39
B2     People Talking     4:58
B3     Better By You, Better Than Me     4:34