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BEASTS FROM THE EAST - VA -LAST COPIES orig 80's pressing w Dwarves, Cynics, Green, and more- Comp LP

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    LAST COPIES  of rare early VOXX pressing compiled by Tim Gasson .

    Featuring some of our most gloriously colorful, exotic, oriental artwork, the album includes hard to find tracks by The Dwarves, The Cunts, The Endorphins, The Time Beings, The Skeptics, The Libertines, Green, and The Cynics. It's not all garage/grunge; some of the bands like The Skeptics, Libertines and Green have a decidedly pop approach (Greg Shaw)



    A1             –Libertines, The (2)             Everybody Wants To Be My Sister             4:40

    A2             –Libertines, The (2)             Black Garage Door             2:35

    A3             –Endorphins, The             Amazon Wood             3:10

    A4             –Time Beings, The             Why Don't You Love Me             3:20

    A5             –Time Beings, The             Spend Your Life             3:55

    A6             –Skeptics, The (7)             The Ghost Of Abraham Lincoln            

    A7             –Skeptics, The (7)             What Can I Do            

    B1             –Green (8)             She's Not A Little Girl Anymore             3:25

    B2             –Green (8)             Something About You             2:50

    B3             –Cynics, The (2)             Waste Of Time             2:20

    B4             –Cynics, The (2)             Let Me Know             2:45

    B5             –Dwarves, The*             Underwater             1:50

    B6             –Cunts, The (2)             Apocalyptic Breakfast             5:10

    B7             –Cunts, The (2)             There Are Electrical Filaments On My Hamburger             3:00

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