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A whole new labo(u)r of love for you. The second issue has so many astonishingly fantastic contributors that we have to look through the proofs to make sure we haven't missed anyone! Brilliantly designed as alway by Champniss of London, BSM #2 features our regular correspondents: Food Follies with Christina Bulbenko (The Armoires, BSR), Blake's Heaven with Blake Jones of the Trike Shop, Steven Wilson of Plasticsoul with more Mondo Obsesso, notes from the Nashville desk with Patrick "Pooch" DiPuccio (The Condors, Flipside Fanzine), whatever Rex is on about, and new illustrated installments of "The Embarrassment of Satchmo PaNDa" and "Great Power Pop Things, this time with The Plasticsoul Story

Also on board this time: Ed Huerta of Rockford, The Creachies, Simon Glickman of The Ex Teens, Mark Cotton of Northampton England, Carl Cafarelli of This Is Rock & Roll Radio, Ray Gianchetti of Kool Kat Musik, David Bash and Rina Bardfield of IPO, Peter Marston of Shplang, Aaron Kupferberg of Powerpopaholic, Mark English of The Gold Needles (Hull, UK), Steve Rosenbaum of San Diego's Mess of Fun, John Borack of Goldmine Magazine & The Popdudes, Jeff Beals of Rockford (with a crossword puzzle!) and art from Ridley Broome, Larysa Bulbenko (The Armoires), Andy Rennie (The Fast Camels), and Sumishta Brahm (13 Frightened Girls).