BIG STIR MAGAZINE #3 Dec 2018 -Robyn Hitchcock -BOOKS & MAGS

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#3 is bigger (now at comic book size and 52 pages) and packed to bursting with articles and artwork by and about your favorite artists on the global pop scene, lavishly designed by the inimitable CHAMPNISS of London, all for a mere $5! Here's what's inside: PETS OF POP SPECIAL: Learn all about the animal companions of the movers and shakers of the scene. ARTIST TO ARTIST INTERVIEWS! KARLA KANE (The Corner Laughers) talks to both MARTIN NEWELL (Cleaners from Venus) about autumn and more, and ROBYN HITCHCOCK about cats. STEVEN WILSON (Plasticsoul) talks to PAT FISH (The Jazz Butcher). And CHRISTINA and REX (The Armoires) chat with ADDISON LOVE about his solo debut. REVIEWS and MUSIC MEMORIES from DAVID BASH, JOHN BORACK, CARL CAFARELLI, RAY GIANCHETTI, AARON KUPFERBERG, ROBERT LAMBERT, STEVE ROSENBAUM, and more!COMICS and ARTWORK from CHAMPNISS, SUMISHTA BRAHM (13 Frightened Girls), REX BROOME, RIDLEY BROOME, LARYSA BULBENKO (The Armoires), EDWARD HUERTA (Rockford) and more! FICTION from MARK ENGLISH (The Gold Needles) MUSICAL MUSINGS from members of SPYGENIUS, THE ARMOIRES, BLAKE JONES & THE TRIKE SHOP, THE WALKER BRIGADE, THE EX TEENS, LESLIE PEREIRA & THE LAZY HEROES, THE HANGABOUTS, and (again) more!