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It's here at last: the all-new, full-color 72-page BIG STIR MAGAZINE #4! It's the biggest and brightest issue yet, lavishly designed as always by the enigmatic CHAMPNISS OF LONDON, and features RUSS TOLMAN (True West) and STEVE WYNN (The Dream Syndicate) in conversation with each other, separate contributions from former Soft Boys KIMBERLY REW and MATTHEW SELIGMAN, and words, artwork, wit and whimsy from the width and breadth of the global pop and rock community! The fourth issue also includes: -Exclusive Interviews: KARLA KANE (The Corner Laughers) chats with ANTON BARBEAU, JULIA BOORINAKIS HARPER. catches up with KIM REW and LEE CAVE-BERRY, and MIKE LIDSKIN (Twirl Radio) goes international with KAI DANZBERG. -Comics and artwork from SUMISHTA BRAHM (13 Frightened Girls), RIDLEY BROOME, LARYSA BULBENKO (The Armoires) ED HUERTA (Rockford), and of course CHAMPNISS himself, including the brand-new MIDDLE EIGHT section starring SATCHMO PANDA, PETER WATTS and RUTH ROGERS from SPYGENIUS, and more! -Fiction from MARK ENGLISH (The Gold Needles) and S.W. LAUDEN (The Brothers Steve, Tsar)! -Musical memories and musings from NELSON BRAGG, CHRISTINA BULBENKO (The Armoires), CARL CAFARELLI (This Is Rock 'N' Roll Radio), PATRICK POOCH DiPUCCIO (The Condors, Flipside Fanzine), VIC ERWIN (SpyderPop Records), NICK FRATER, SIMON GLICKMAN (The Ex Teens), BLAKE JONES (The Trike Shop), DARRIN LEE (Subjangle Sounds and JanglePopHub), PETER MARSTON (Shplang), JEFF PARTRIDGE (Suite 100), ROBBIE RIST, STEVE ROSENBAUM, MARTY SCHNEIDER (Trip Wire), RICK WARHALL (Chasing The Essential) and STEVEN WILSON (Plasticsoul) and more! -Reviews from the likes of DAVID BASH (IPO), JOHN BORACK (Goldmine), REX BROOME (The Armoires), RAY GIANCHETTI (Kool Kat Musik), ALAN HABER (Pure Pop Radio), AARON KUPFERBERG (Power Popaholic), DON VALENTINE (I Don't Hear A Single), ADAM WALTEMIRE (Pop Garden Radio) and more. -Side trips, psychedelic diversions and Easter eggs galore!