BLACK SNAKE MOAN (Fire The Beatles, Love, and Jefferson Airplane style)

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While encompassing a new vision of the legendary sound of the 1960s, both songs also reflect the innovative songcraft of the pioneers of the psychedelic genre, including The Beatles, Love, and Jefferson Airplane.

With its driving organ and Morrisonian baritone, “Fire” also evokes The Doors and Iron Butterfly, while “What You See” integrates a jangly, 12-string guitar and desert rock vibes that reflect the dreamy West Coast vibe of The Byrds and Buffalo Springfield.

As a metaphor, “Fire” represents the Dark Night of the Soul and expresses a moment of absolute spiritual desolation in which one feels totally lost yet connected to a story in the process of being told. The song delves into the deep sense of something vital missing from our lives, and the purification that comes with the revelation of the soul’s true identity. We are in darkness so that we can understand the meaning of Light and Truth, lighting the path of our way back to finding our true nature.