BLUES PILLS -LADY IN GOLD -DBL with LIVE BONUS DVD (60s psych style w Original Radio Moscow member) CD

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Musically BLUES PILLS contains all the elements to create extraordinary music that sounds original but respects the long-held rules of the blues and rock'n'roll traditions.

The psychedelic sounds of the band may hail back to the prosperity of the '60s and '70s and it's true that their distinctive sound includes a few ingredients of the past; a pinch of late '60s Americana, a sprinkling of blues, a heavy serving of rock'n'roll and a big squeeze of soul, but it's all shaken up into a brand-new cocktail of sound.


1     Lady In Gold     4:31
2     Little Boy Preacher     3:35
3     Burned Out     4:33
4     I Felt A Change     3:57
5     Gone So Long     4:17
6     Bad Talkers     3:11
7     You Gotta Try     3:39
8     Won't Go Back     3:56
9     Rejection     3:34
10     Elements And Things     4:52