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BOMP -Saving the World.. -hardcover, full color,300 pages autographed! (60s garage w discographies and interviews) LAST COPIES Books/Mags

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    LAST COPIES OF THIS GORGEOUS HARD COVER BOOK!  Autographed  by Suzy Shaw edited by Mick Farren

    Features in depth interviews and major features on the Doors, the Grateful Dead, the Ramones, Blondie, the Standells, The Troggs, the Runaways, Sky Saxon and The Seeds, Barracudas, Janis Joplin and Big Brother and The Holding Company and more. PLUS tons of great photos. 

    If you dont already have  these books, you're missing out on some amazing rock history.   If you're a music fan, these are a must... NOT about Bomp as such, (altho there are some details about the label, of course ) but rather a collection of historic articles from the original magazine, with the early writings of Lester Bangs, Richard Meltzer, Ken Barnes, Lenny Kaye, and the whole gang.

    DISCOGRAPHIES  and LABEL LISTINGS , plus reams of readers' letters and never before published material. The sheer volume of historical information is almost mind-boggling.

    30 years of rock'n'roll viewed from the garage. Features full color repros of the first rock'n'roll zine Mojo Navigator (1966 to 1967) as well as its successors, and repros of Bomp fanzine and magazine (1974 to 1979), with original writings by Lester Bangs, Greil Marcus, Ken Barnes, Gene Sculatti, Greg Shaw and many others. . Also includes the missing Bomp magazine issue #22, and the story of the Bomp label. Edited and introduced by journalist and author Mick Farren, with essays by Suzy Shaw, and contributions by Lenny Kaye, Peter Case, Mike Stax, and others.

    Includes amazing photos, many previously unseen. A must have for collectors, historians, musicians and rock'n'roll lovers everywhere.

    " This one’s been out for a bit but few seem to have acknowledged the magnitude of this bomber. The same can be said about most of the mind-boggling achievements of music legend Greg Shaw(1949-2004), the visionary mind behind Bomp! Records and the magazine of the same name. Sci-fi/rocknroll writer and former Deviant Mick Farren teamed up with Suzy Shaw (Greg’s lifelong co-conspirator) and compiled an amazing tribute to his life’s work. The book reprints (mostly for the first time anywhere) an enormous amount of classic material from the now rare and coveted Bomp magazine, even going back to his days editing one of the first ever underground music papers Mojo-Navigator in the midst of the late sixties San Francisco scene. Included for the first time ever is the fabled lost/final issue from 1981 wherein Shaw seems to be proclaiming the end of the punk era and a return to the primeval energy of psychedelic rock (much as he had predicted the rise of the 70′s punk explosion, once again way ahead of most)." PORTABLE SHRINE


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