BORN BAD, VOL. 3 (original music that inspired bands such as The Cramps) -COMP LP

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Repress! Unavailable for many years, this series shows exactly where The Cramps took their influences from. The Born Bad series collects together the original music that inspired bands such as The Cramps. For those of you who are interested in listening to the early rockabilly, country, rock 'n' roll and garage rock acts of the '50s and '60s that inspired The Cramps, it gets no better than this compilation. Those of you who are familiar with The Cramps will recognize these songs, as the band sought to pay tribute to the artists that inspired them by performing their own cover versions to many of the songs contained in the Born Bad series.


1. Kip Tyler & The Flips - Jungle Hop
2. The Busters - Bust Out
3. Jett Powers - Go Girl Go
4. The Riptides - Machine Gun
5. The Rivingtons - Mama-Oom-Mow-Mow
6. The Rivingtons - The Bird's The Word
7. The Trashmen - Surfin' Bird
1. Andre Williams - Bacon Fat
2. Andre Williams - Jail Bait
3. The Frantics - Werewolf
4. Del Raney's Umbrellas - Can Your Hossie Do The Dog
5. Jack Scott - The Way I Walk
6. Andy Starr - Give Me A Woman
7. Herbie Duncan - Hot Lips Baby