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BRIDGET ST. JOHN -Fly High: ( DOnovan style sunshine pop) DBL CD

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     A Collection of Album Highlights, Singles and B Sides, Demos, Live Recordings, Sessions, and Interviews-

    Unique new collection from one of the most distinctive voices in British folk/psych music. Highlights, rarities and unreleased tracks from Bridget St. John’s Dandelion Records period (1968-1972).

    Bridget St John remains a cornerstone of the British folk movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s, and still performs to adoring audiences today.

    This set expands on the usual ‘best of’ to include a cornucopia of extra material which goes beneath the surface to explore further the dawning of this wonderful talent. Key tracks from three classic albums + never before on CD 1968 demos; the debut release of three tracks recorded live for French TV; first ever release for interview material and 2009 session recordings (featuring Michael Chapman) exclusive to Cherry Red TV; also includes BBC session highlights, singles and b-sides.

    Complete with excellent essay by long term Bridget authority and friend Nigel Cross.

        Disc One: Album Highlights
    1-1     To B Without A Hitch     
    1-2     Autumn Lullaby     
    1-3     Ask Me No Questions     
    1-4     Lizard-Long-Tongue Boy     
    1-5     Hello Again (Of Course)     
    1-6     If You've Got Money (Live)     
    1-7     Downderry Daze     
    1-8     Back To Stay     
    1-9     City Crazy     
    1-10     Song For The Laird Of Connaught Hall- Part 2     
    1-11     Early Morning Song     
    1-12     It Seems Very Strange     
    1-13     Nice     
    1-14     Good Baby Goodbye     
    1-15     Silver Coin     
    1-16     Fly High     
    1-17     Thank You For...     
    1-18     Lazarus     
    1-19     The River (Live)     
    1-20     A Song Is As Long As It Wants To Go On     
        Disc Two: Curios
    2-1     On A Musical Childhood...     
    2-2     Ask Me No Questions (Acetate Version)     
    2-3     Lizard-Long-Tongue Boy (Acetate Version)     
    2-4     Getting To Know The Guitar ...     
    2-5     Hello Again (Of Course) (Acetate Version)     
    2-6     To B Without A Hitch (Acetate Version)     
    2-7     On Demoing For The BBC...     
    2-8     The River (Top Gear Session)     
    2-9     Song To Keep You Company (Top Gear Sessions)     
    2-10     On Meeting John Peel ...     
    2-11     Night In The City (Top Gear Sessions)     
    2-12     Lazarus (Top Gear Sessions)     
    2-13     On Dandelion Records...     
    2-14     Nice (Old Grey Whistle Test)     
    2-15     On Recording Her Debut Album ...     
    2-16     There's A Place I Know     
    2-17     Suzanne     
    2-18     On Recording 'Songs For The Gentle Man'     
    2-19     Downderry Daze (Live On French TV)     
    2-20     Like Never Before (Live On French TV)     
    2-21     Ask Me No Questions (Live On French TV)     
    2-22     On Recording 'Thank You For'...     
    2-23     Thank You For (Bob Harris Sessions)     
    2-24     On Her Contemporaries ...     
    2-25     Ask Me No Questions (With Michael Chapman, 2009)     
    2-26     The River (With Michael Chapman, 2009)     
    2-27     On Longevity     

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