BURGHERS ORQUESTRA -ST (Dutch guitar pop thrashers) LP

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Dutch guitar pop thrashers Burghers put out a handful of EPs and singles in the last couple years. This time the duo, consisting of Niels de Wit (ex-Johan, Electric Tears a.o.) and Simone Mansveld (ex-Bugs) has suddenly morphed into Burghers Orquestra, opening new dimensions.

Their cute poppy faster louder approach has deepened, inspiration coming from countless different places. Their love for 1960s pop, psych and garage is still a driving force, but on this debut LP, simply called 'Burghers Orquestra,' the simple guitar-bass-drums setup is less dominant. Instead we go careening in all kinds of directions, thanks to a songbook coloured by kaleidoscopic pop-rock, enticing vocal harmonies, slightly psychotic organ playing, galloping movie music, intimate brushes, heavy pounding, disorienting dub, surprising and tasteful horns, vibrating guitars, mind-expanding surf and much more.

The album was recorded at home, making sure the music sounds as intimate and in-your-face as ever. Comes on black vinyl (Erwin Hofman/Written In Music).