BURNT SUITE -ST- (1972 hippie psych stoner rock) W INSERT LP

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A wonderful vinyl reissue of the one and only album by Burnt Suite, a rural hippie psychedelic stoner rock release from 1972

This LP has been a big collector's item for many years. This legitimate reissue, with involvement of members Bill Florian and Woody Andrews, finally sees the light of day in a limited edition of 500 copies on black vinyl and including an insert.

Released on the BJM label, in 1972, the only release by East Hartford, CT's Burnt Suite is a mix of country rock and harder rock with mild psych influences. The lack of personnel, coupled with the spartan production, yields a weirdly stripped down sound, and a vibe that they may not have exactly been going for, but is very desirable and modern and underground in its fee

At times a Creme Soda-esque 60's throwback sound emerges from the mix, or some bars of frantic rhythm guitar, and then it's back to the minimal style. A record with many admirers."


A1 Tonight 3:50
A2 Sally Salamander 2:18
A3 Coming To An End 2:35
A4 Finest Thing In Life 2:58
A5 Lightning 5:18
B1 Enjoyment Of The Dawn 2:55
B2 Got Time 3:34
B3 Vindati Shanti 6:32
B4 It's What You Wanted 4:08