CAVESTOMPERS - THE SECOND CHANCE (Russian 60s style rock and roll!) SALE! LP

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Ultimate Russian garage punk! Savage, mid '60s influenced garage punk with an infectious, primitive beat. The songs are filled with psych guitars, crude fuzz, and electrifying organ passages
A1     Papasha Theme (Intro)     
A2     Early In The Morning     
A3     Salt Chunk Marry     
A4     Second Chance     
A5     Selfish Sentiment     
A6     Chiky Chiky Boom     
A7     Bumerang Baby     
B1     Why You Left Me Alone     
B2     Stay Away     
B3     Maritime Song     
B4     Crawl Up The Roof     
B5     I Feel Bad     
B6     Girl Like You     
B7     Born On The Street Called Rock'n'roll (Everything Passed)