CEM KARACA -Kardaslar 1974 (TURKISH GUITAR ROCK PIONEER 1960s and 70s) CD

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Sophisticated & passionate, with flamboyant taste in sunglasses, Cem Karaca once led Istanbul’s music fans through a period of violent political turmoil.

Karaca reworked traditional folk lyrics with molten electric bass lines that played up both a poet’s broiling righteousness and also his listeners’ common ground with their elders in Turkey’s history.

This is the second album from Karaca, released in 1974. It leads the listener through Karaca’s own musical history, skipping across various collaborations and bands up to his then-current project Dervişan. Can throbbing Anatolian guitars take on the assassins of the Grey Wolves? Imagine a hairy pied piper with R Kelly’s flair for drama, wailing into a microphone over an electric bağlama, and you’re ready to enter the bohemian world of Papa Cem.

Remastered sound (sounding much better than the original pressing), insert with detailed liner notes.
1     Lümüne     
2     Demedimmi     
3     Kara Sevda     
4     Tatlý Dillim     
5     Niksar     
6     Kalender     
7     Oy Gülüm Oy     
8     Dadaloðlu     
9     Felek Beni     
10     Zeyno     
11     Kara Yýlan     
12     Bu Son Olsun