COLOURS- S/T (1968 psych Pop ) CD

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A reissue of the 1968 self-titled album from this psychedelic pop combo, whose liner notes claim the band "have the crystalline sharpness of the Beatles before they turned acid." Orchestrations, disturbing time and key changes, and sitar drone are all added to the mix.

Includes the standouts "Bad Day At Black Rock Baby," the commune-song "Brother Lou's Love Colony"--later covered by Moon--and the eerie "Cataleptic."


Track listing

  • A1 Bad Day at Black Rock 3:06
  • A2 Love Heals 2:38
  • A3 Helping You Out 2:57
  • A4 Where Is She 2:24
  • A5 Rather Be Me 3:35
  • A6 I'm Leaving 2:45
  • B1 Brother Lou's Love Colony 3:56
  • B2 I Think of Her 2:10
  • B3 Lovin' 1:38
  • B4 Cataleptic 3:06
  • B5 Don't You Realize 1:52