CONFLICT -The Ungovernable Force (1986 punkers) CD

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Conflict are notorious for their uncompromising stance, willing use of force, ultra-veganism and above all the lead singer Colin Jerwood and his seemingly limitless energy.

This release is perhaps Conflict's finest hour, combining both their positive DIY message and some excellent anarcho-punk beats. Driving guitars, rapid drumming and meaningful vocals make this an excellent, if hard release.

Some absolutely brilliant songs on here, including the self-titled track ‘The Ungovernable Force,’ the self-deprecating ‘Ungovernable Farce,’ the hilarious ‘Force or Service’ and blistering and loud ‘The Day Before.’ Not forgetting the final two closing tracks, ‘This is the ALF’ which is slowed down but very powerful and ‘To Be Continued,’ with the female vocalist asking the eternal question, "Do I stand alone in my search for freedom?" Truly revolutionary stuff.
You Cannot Win     
The Ungovernable Farce     
A Piss In The Ocean     
Custom Rock     
1986, The Battle Continues     
Mental Mania     
The Ungovernable Force     
They Said That     
Force Or Service?     
The Arrest     
The Day Before     
This Is The A.L.F.     
To Be Continued...