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COOL AID BENEFIT ALBUM - 1969 jam w 3 discs (2xCD + DVD)

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    Originally released on LP in 1970, this amazing album captures both the innocence and the time period of Vancouver's Local music scene in the late 60's. Some of the city's top bands of the day appear on this album including Mock Duck, Papa Bear's Medicine Show, Hydro Electric Streetcar, Route 9, Blacksnake Blues Band and Spring.

    The original LP has always been a collector's item and the re-issue has been in the works for a while now. Back in 1969, there was a house in Vancouver that existed solely as a home for Hippies and homeless youth, known to locals simple as "the Cool Aid House." It operated mainly from donations and funding from the government; when that funding stopped, the house was in danger of closing. Top area of bands united (in 1970) and offered their songs for a benefit album—and since the local music scene produced some of the best bands in Canada, the album has long been a much sought-after collector's item.

    What no one knew was that the original LP was intended as a double-album set: contractual problems forced the Cool Aid House founder, John Walsch, to remove tracks by the great Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck—tracks that are now restored to this package, along with the remainder of what would have been the original second LP. So, the end result is this three-disc package, jam packed with tracks by the city's top bands of the day, including Mock Duck, Papa Bear's Medicine Show, Hydro Electric Streetcar, Route 9, Blacksnake Blues Band and Spring, as first released; it also has unreleased tracks by Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck, Spring, Greydon Moore and Leo Jung, a band called Nancy, Blacksnake Blues Band, Route Nine (listed on the tape box as 'Root' 9), Hydro Electric Streetcar and Mock Duck.

    Both CDs are taken from the original multi-track studio tapes, and sound incredible. The third disc is a DVD which has footage from the archives of CBC Television: see Cool Aid proprietor Elmore Smalley in historical newsreel footage along with Hippies and other residents of the Cool Aid House; the DVD also features original film footage of Mock Duck, Papa Bears Medicine Show, Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck, and Spring performing on CBC's Let's Go show in 1968-1969, freshly transferred for this project, with remastered audio.


    CD1-1     –Spring (16)     Bring Yourself Down To Earth Lovin' Blues, Baby     
    CD1-2     –Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck     I     
    CD1-3     –Blacksnake*     The Reason     
    CD1-4     –Mock Duck     Di Re Nu (False Start)     
    CD1-5     –Mock Duck     Do Re Mi     
    CD1-6     –Mock Duck     Pointilistic Scherzo     
    CD1-7     –Hydro Electric Streetcar     Gardens And Flowers     
    CD1-8     –Papa Bear's Medicine Show     Golden Girl     
    CD1-9     –Route Nine     Girl Of The Night Suite     
    CD1-10     –Nancy (11)     Ball In The Country     
    CD1-11     –Blacksnake*     Catfish     
    CD2-1     –Mock Duck     Borrowed Song     
    CD2-2     –Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck     Mountian Joy     
    CD2-3     –Hydro Electric Streetcar     I Realize     
    CD2-4     –Spring (16)     Wordplay     
    CD2-5     –Route Nine     Topless Lunch     
    CD2-6     –Nancy (11)     No Time / Got A Feeling     
    CD2-7     –Greydon Moore and Leo Jung     The Planet Man     
    CD2-8     –Blacksnake*     Carousel     
    CD2-9     –Hydro Electric Streetcar     High Memory     
    CD2-10     –Mock Duck     As The Bullet Enters Anton     
    CD2-11     –Mock Duck     Hastings East     
    CD2-12     –No Artist     Cool Aid Album - Commercial Jingle     
            Bonus DVD
    DVD1     –No Artist     Cool Aid Documentary     
    DVD2     –Mock Duck     Do Re Mi     
    DVD3     –Mock Duck     Hurt On Me     
    DVD4     –Spring (16)     No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed     
    DVD5     –Spring (16)     Bring Yourself Down To Earth Lovin' Blues, Baby     
    DVD6     –Papa Bear's Medicine Show     Georgie     
    DVD7     –Papa Bear's Medicine Show     It's Not Over     
    DVD8     –Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck     I     
    DVD9     –Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck     Times Are Changin'

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