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CREATION (UK) CREATION THEORY -complete recorded history of British mod/freakbeat legends)-4CD+DVD+Book -

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    Captured on four CDs and a DVD, and presented in a book featuring exclusive photos and memorabilia, here's the complete recorded history of British mod/freakbeat legends

    The Creation, who at the time (mid-late '60s) were more popular in Germany than at home. The set includes material from pre-Creation combo The Mark Four, the Creation's recordings for the German Vogue/Pop imprint (including the LP 'Painterman' and all the singles' A- and B-sides) and more.

    The DVD features an interview, five songs from The Creation's two live appearances on the legendary German '60s TV show 'Beat Beat Beat' and 21 songs from the band's reunion concerts in the '90s.

            The Mark Four (1964-1966)
    CD1-1     –The Mark Four     Rock Around The Clock     
    CD1-2     –The Mark Four     Slow Down     
    CD1-3     –The Mark Four     Try It Baby     
    CD1-4     –The Mark Four     Crazy Country Hop     
    CD1-5     –The Mark Four     Hurt Me If You Will     
    CD1-6     –The Mark Four     I’m Leaving     
    CD1-7     –The Mark Four     Work All Day (Sleep All Night)     
    CD1-8     –The Mark Four     Going Down Fast     
            The Creation (1966-1968) – Mono Versions
    CD1-9     –The Creation (2)     Making Time     
    CD1-10     –The Creation (2)     Try And Stop Me     
    CD1-11     –The Creation (2)     Painter Man     
    CD1-12     –The Creation (2)     Biff Bang Pow     
    CD1-13     –The Creation (2)     Sylvette     
    CD1-14     –The Creation (2)     If I Stay Too Long     
    CD1-15     –The Creation (2)     Nightmares     
    CD1-16     –The Creation (2)     Cool Jerk     
    CD1-17     –The Creation (2)     Like A Rolling Stone     
    CD1-18     –The Creation (2)     Can I Join Your Band     
    CD1-19     –The Creation (2)     Hey Joe     
    CD1-20     –The Creation (2)     Life Is Just Beginning     
    CD1-21     –The Creation (2)     Through My Eyes     
    CD1-22     –The Creation (2)     How Does It Feel To Feel (UK version)     
    CD1-23     –The Creation (2)     Tom Tom     
    CD1-24     –The Creation (2)     How Does It Feel To Feel [US version]     
    CD1-25     –The Creation (2)     I Am The Walker     
    CD1-26     –The Creation (2)     Ostrich Man     
    CD1-27     –The Creation (2)     Sweet Helen     
    CD2-1     –The Creation (2)     Midway Down     
    CD2-2     –The Creation (2)     The Girls Are Naked     
    CD2-3     –The Creation (2)     Bony Moronie     
    CD2-4     –The Creation (2)     Mercy, Mercy, Mercy     
    CD2-5     –The Creation (2)     For All That I Am     
    CD2-6     –The Creation (2)     Uncle Bert     
            Stereo Versions – New Stereo Mixes By Alec Palao, 2016
    CD2-7     –The Creation (2)     Making Time [instrumental]     
    CD2-8     –The Creation (2)     Painter Man     
    CD2-9     –The Creation (2)     Biff Bang Pow     
    CD2-10     –The Creation (2)     Sylvette [full length]     
    CD2-11     –The Creation (2)     If I Stay Too Long     
    CD2-12     –The Creation (2)     Nightmares     
    CD2-13     –The Creation (2)     Cool Jerk     
    CD2-14     –The Creation (2)     Like A Rolling Stone     
    CD2-15     –The Creation (2)     Can I Join Your Band     
    CD2-16     –The Creation (2)     Hey Joe     
    CD2-17     –The Creation (2)     Life Is Just Beginning     
    CD2-18     –The Creation (2)     Through My Eyes     
    CD2-19     –The Creation (2)     How Does It Feel To Feel [UK version]     
    CD2-20     –The Creation (2)     Tom Tom     
    CD2-21     –The Creation (2)     How Does It Feel To Feel [US version]     
    CD2-22     –The Creation (2)     Midway Down     
    CD2-23     –The Creation (2)     For All That I Am     
    CD2-24     –The Creation (2)     Instrumental # 1     
    CD2-25     –The Creation (2)     How Does It Feel To Feel [instrumental]     
            The Mark Four (Live 1985) – Live At The Beat Scene Club, 18 January 1985
    CD3-1     –The Mark Four     Hurt Me If You Will     
    CD3-2     –The Mark Four     Got My Mojo Workin’     
    CD3-3     –The Mark Four     That’s How Strong My Love Is     
            The Creation 'Psychedelic Rose' (1987) – Recordede In 1987, Issued In 2004
    CD3-4     –The Creation (2)     Lay The Ghost     
    CD3-5     –The Creation (2)     Psychedelic Rose     
    CD3-6     –The Creation (2)     Radio Beautiful     
    CD3-7     –The Creation (2)     United     
    CD3-8     –The Creation (2)     Doing It My Way     
    CD3-9     –The Creation (2)     Making Time [new version]     
    CD3-10     –The Creation (2)     Far From Paradise     
    CD3-11     –The Creation (2)     White Knight     
    CD3-12     –The Creation (2)     Spirit Called Love     
            Eddie Phillips (1990) – From The Album "Riffmaster Of The Western World"
    CD3-13     –Eddie Phillips     The Jimi Hendrix Trilogy     
            The Creation 'Power Surge' (1996) – Originally Issued On Creation Records
    CD4-1     –The Creation (2)     Creation     
    CD4-2     –The Creation (2)     Power Surge     
    CD4-3     –The Creation (2)     Someone’s Gonna Bleed     
    CD4-4     –The Creation (2)     Shock Horror     
    CD4-5     –The Creation (2)     That’s How I Found Love     
    CD4-6     –The Creation (2)     Killing Song     
    CD4-7     –The Creation (2)     Nobody Wants To Know     
    CD4-8     –The Creation (2)     City Life     
    CD4-9     –The Creation (2)     English Language     
    CD4-10     –The Creation (2)     Free Men Live Forever     
    CD4-11     –The Creation (2)     Ghost Division     
    CD4-12     –The Creation (2)     O+N     
            Eddie Phillips (2011) – From The Album "Woodstock Daze"
    CD4-13     –Eddie Phillips     Woodstock Daze     
    CD4-14     –Eddie Phillips     Good Times     
    DVD1     –Eddie Phillips     Eddie Phillips Interview – The Guitarist Interviewed (March 2017)     
    DVD2     –The Creation (2)     The Creation (1966+1967) – Live On German Tv     
            Beat Beat Beat, September 1966
    DVD3     –The Creation (2)     Making Time     
    DVD4     –The Creation (2)     I’m A Man     
    DVD5     –The Creation (2)     That’s How Strong My Love Is     
            Beat Beat Beat, June 1967
    DVD6     –The Creation (2)     Try And Stop Me     
    DVD7     –The Creation (2)     Painter Man     
            The Creation (1996+1995) – Red With Purple Flashes: Live At The Mean Fiddler
            6 July 1993 – Includes Interviews With Band Members
    DVD8     –The Creation (2)     Try And Stop Me     
    DVD9     –The Creation (2)     Life Is Just Beginning     
    DVD10     –The Creation (2)     I’m A Man     
    DVD11     –The Creation (2)     Nightmares     
    DVD12     –The Creation (2)     If I Stay Too Long     
            22 Aug14ust 1995
    DVD13     –The Creation (2)     Batman     
    DVD14     –The Creation (2)     Biff Bang Pow     
    DVD15     –The Creation (2)     Try And Stop Me     
    DVD16     –The Creation (2)     Life Is Just Beginning     
    DVD17     –The Creation (2)     I’m A Man     
    DVD18     –The Creation (2)     Nightmares     
    DVD19     –The Creation (2)     If I Stay Too Long     
    DVD20     –The Creation (2)     Hey Joe     
    DVD21     –The Creation (2)     Making Time     
    DVD22     –The Creation (2)     Creation     
    DVD23     –The Creation (2)     Power Surge     
    DVD24     –The Creation (2)     Tom Tom     
    DVD25     –The Creation (2)     That’s How Strong My Love Is     
    DVD26     –The Creation (2)     How Does It Feel To Feel     
    DVD27     –The Creation (2)     Painter Man     
    DVD28     –The Creation (2)     Biff Bang Pow

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