CREATURE CUTS I & II -VA '50s and early/mid '60s obscurities- COMP CD

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Limited edition of 200. Fantastic collection of '50s and early/mid '60s obscurities. What a crackin' album! 28 deliciously wicked tracks culled from the depths of the past, '50s rockabilly with the ultra obscure Bobby Dee & The Crestliners: 'Graveyard Twist' (worth the price of admission alone). The truly whacked out Al Casy & The Bats: 'Adventures Of Frank N. Stein' from 1958 is a classic case of what happens when the lunatics take over the asylum. Larry & The Bluenotes: 'Night Of The Sadist.' The ultra sick Terry Corin and her Boyfriends, never appreciated in her days, but boy do we! The Caravans with 'The Spook,' super rare halloween themed garage rocker! Miss ghoul L.L. Louise Lewis with The Monster Miss and her evil laughter! An essential ghouly disk for on the road on Get Off The Road Records! 


TRACKS: Intro: Jeepers Creepers 01. Bobby Dee & the Crestliners, Graveyard Twist 02. Sheldon Allman - Little Black Things 03. Randy Fuller - Wolfman 04. The Deadly Ones - It's Monster Surfing Time 05. King Horror - Loch Ness Monster 06. Larry & The Blue Notes - Night Of The Sadist 07. The Swanks - Ghost Train 08. Al Casey & The Bats - The Adventures Of Frankenstein 09. Jan Davis - Watusi Zombie 10. Jerry Bryan - Vampire Daddy 11. The Blenders - Graveyard 12. Billy Taylor - Wombie Zombie 13. Jimmy Minor - Satan's Chauffeur 14. Bob Fryfogle - Six Foot Under 15. Terry Corin & Her Boyfriends - Sick! Sick! Sick! 16. Kevin Watson - Watching The Ghouls Go By 17. The Madmen - Haunted 18. The Caravans - The Spook 19. The Rangers - Mogul Monster 20. Electro Tones - Ghost Train 21. Bill Buchanan - Beware 22. Miss L.L. Louise Lewis - The Monster Miss 23. Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages - She's Fallen In Love With The Monsterman 24. The Blizzards - Dr. Jekyll 25. The Vic Plati Quinted - The Chiller 26. The Blazers - Graveyard 27. Chiyo & The Crescents - Devil Surf 28. Los Shains - El Monstruo