CREATURE CUTS VOL. 2 -fantastic collection of '50s and early/mid '60s obscurities- COMP LP

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Killer second volume of 'Creature Cuts', a fantastic collection of '50s and early/mid '60s obscurities.

What a crackin' album! 14 deliciously wicked tracks culled from the depths of the past, '50s rockabilly with the ultra sick Terry Corin and her Boyfriends, never appreciated in her days, but boy do we! Also featuring The Caravans with 'The Spook', a super rare halloween themed garage rocker, Miss ghoul L.L. Louise Lewis with 'The Monster Miss' and her evil laughter and many more! The vinyl is gorgeous blue with black marbling! Another essential slab of wax on Get Off The Road Records.

SIDE 1: 1. Terry Corin & Her Boyfriends - Sick! Sick! Sick! 2. Kevin Watson - Watching The Ghouls Go By 3. The Madmen - Haunted 4. The Caravans - The Spook 5. The Rangers - Mogul Monster 6. Electro Tones - Ghost Train 7. Bill Buchanan - Beware

SIDE 2: 1. Miss L.L. Louise Lewis - The Monster Miss 2. Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages - She's Fallen In Love With The Monsterman 3. The Blizzards - Dr. Jekyll 4. The Vic Plati Quintet - The Chiller 5. The Blazers - Graveyard 6. Chiyo & The Crescents - Devil Surf 7. Los Shains - El Monstruo