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This is one of Long Hair's favorite psych-blues albums and every track is a forgotten gem of past generation. It starts with hard blues rock tune, 'Gut Runs Great Stone' with great rhythm that just kicks you at the very beginning, making you headbang and simultaneously tap the rhythm with your hand. Next tune is '(Do I Figure) In Your Life,' a chilled psych classic rock tune. Melody is the real thing here but highlight of this song is the guitar solo, it's one of those Hendrix's solo, with so much emotions that after few listening it became one of your favorite solos. 'You've Gotta Hide' is a bluesy tune with solid elements of pure classic rock, chorus is catchy and it's a good fitter on first side of album. 'One Way Track Blues' has an awesome blues riff, lead and acoustic guitar and filled with riffing on electric guitar. 'Trippin' Like A Dog' is another Muddy Waters-stylish blues tune but with psychedelic guitar wailing through whole song. 'Ride A Rainbow' is a psychedelic-trip themed tune, made by hippies for hippies - oriented on peace, unity and love. Thomas' guitar talent is obvious - with his psych-bluesy guitar sound he's painting every song with colors of vivid picture. Next tune, 'Green Eyed Lady,' instantly reminded one on the bass groove on 'The Other Side Of This Life' by Jefferson Airplane. 'Sun And Woman' is a winner with its cheery and catchy guitar. The pumping rhythm of 'Lay It On Me' will really satisfy you and 'Bring Back The Love' will wake the oriental side in you with its bongos and sitar. The album comes with comprehensive insert sheet with bandstory, different covers and photos. Recommended! This is the first official re-release on vinyl under licensed courtesy of Cherry Red Records Ltd, UK, remastered from a master copy. In 1967 Australian John Thomas moved to DŸsseldorf, where his girlfriend lived, got a record deal with EMI and recorded one of the era's great lost albums: Rust's 'Come With Me,' (Long Hair LHC281). John meanwhile living in Cologne met up with sound engineer Conny Plank. They recorded with bassist and guitarist Andy 'Shotgun' Marx and drummer Helmut Pohl, who subsequently joined Gomorrha (both albums on CD and vinyl on Long Hair). Originally released at the end of 1969 The Melody Maker was impressed by the album: "Gutsy virile singing and fine guitar from the amazingly-named Mr Thomas supported by bass and drums. It roars along splendidly."