CRIPPLERS -ONE MORE FOR THE BAD GUYS (dirty blues, '70s minimalist punk, lo-fi garage)CD

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Emerging from the same fertile soil that produced hooligans Untamed Youth and The Revelators, comes another sprout of rock'n'roll poison ivy.

Taking inspiration from the two aforementioned, the band sets off on a screaming trek through elements of dirty blues, '70s minimalist punk, lo-fi garage, and loud'n'angry rock'n'roll.

Growling, explosive, and trashed.


1 Working Man  
2 Boone County  
3 Rock & Roll Snake  
4 Daddy's Little Girl  
5 Wasteaway  
6 Come On  
7 Church Of The Holy Spook  
8 Blitz Baby  
9 Joanie Weston  
10 Don't Wanna Be Alone  
11 Joey  
12 (She's A) Heartbreaker  
13 Trash Can  
14 El Tiburon  
15 Wild Girl  
16 The Money Will Roll Right In