PSYCHEDELIC MOODS- Mind Expanding Phenomena by the DEEP ( rare 66 acid drench psych ) CD

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Reissue of the incredibly rare stereo version of the most fascinating and sought after psychedelic album of all time. A 1966 studio project from Rusty Evans, also responsible for THE FREAK SCENE amongst others. Filled with strange music, weird sound effects, haunting vocals and acid drenched lyrics


1 Color Dreams  
2 Pink Ether  
3 When Rain Is Black  
4 It's All Part Of Me  
5 Turned On  
6 Psychedelic Moon  
7 Your Choice To Choose  
8 Crystal Nite  
9 Trip #76  
10 Wake Up And Find Me  
11 Shadows On The Wall  
12 On Off - Off On  
13 Your Choice To Choose (Studio Takes #1 - #4)  
14 Psychedelic Moon (Studio Take #1)