DEVIANTS/MICK FARREN - On Your Knees Earthlings - 1967-2001 w Chrissie Hynde and Mark Ramone -LAST COPIES!CD

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On Your Knees, Earthlings!!! is a goldmine of recordings made by sci-fi garage rock guru Mick Farren and his band, the Deviants, between 1967 and 2001. The retrospective begins with the eerie intro "People's Suite" ("We are the people who creep in the night, we are the people who hide from the light"), and then proceeds to lay waste to human civilization with an onslaught of psychedelic guitar. "You've Got to Hold On" combines a folky harmonica with screeching guitar and vocals that are half Johnny Rotten and half Love on a psychotic day. "Observe the Ravens" is a twisted and insane organ jam, like the Doors falling to pieces, and "All in the Picture" revs like a drag race. On 1968's "Last Man," Mick Farren spits with a seething fury backed by an evil ambience that could be a premonition of Bauhaus and goth. That's not all. The retrospective includes cranked-up covers of Dylan ("It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding"), Frank Zappa ("Trouble Coming Every Day"), and the Rolling Stones ("Play with Fire"). Citizens of the world, bow down.

Part two of the Deviants retrospective. Features Sid Bishop, Chrissie Hynde, Larry Wallis, Andy Colquhoun, Russell Hunter, Duncan Sanderson, Phil Taylor, Paul Rudolph, Jack Lancaster, Steve Took, Mark Ramone, Alan Powell and many more.


1 People's Suite 0:38
2 You've Got To Hold On 3:51
3 Trouble Coming Every Day 3:19
4 Canivorous Circus (Observe The Ravens) 4:26
5 It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) 4:29
6 It's All In The Picture 2:01
7 God's Worst Nightmare 4:18
8 Last Man 5:41
9 Deviation Street (Excerpt) 1:43
10 Jamie's Song 3:33
11 Play With Fire 3:21
12 Arts Of Darkness 3:54
13 I'm Coming Home 5:59
14 Envy 0:21
15 Lost Johnny 3:09
16 See That My Grave Is Kept Clean 5:21
17 When The World Was Young 6:11
18 That's Where All The Trouble Started (Radio Broadcast Fragment) 1:03