DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT - PURPLE JOURNEY THRU THE MOD MACHINE-(late 60s garage psych, freakbeat ,west coast folk style) LP

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After 15 years, The Dolly Rocker Movement's 'Electric Sunshine' debut is mastered and released on vinyl for the first time since the 2006 CD release! "Many questions to answer. Many answers to question. You 'll find them on the outside. Where our world is filled with electric sunshine by day and a yellow moon by night. Ears tuned into a blend of flowering psychedelia, chemical country and a dusty garage vibe.

One way to get high is come along for the ride..." With ideas derived from the more primitive side of rock'n'roll, The Dolly Rocker Movement embodies a sound that bears a true influence of late 60s garage psychedelia, freakbeat and west coast folk.