DRNWYN - Gypsies in the Mist (private press 1978 of U.S. psych duo) CD

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"First time ever reissue of the hard-to-find sole album by U.S. duo, Drnwyn.

Wonderful record that has some very cool psychedelic moments (especially the track 'The Madman and the Angel'), and a good number of fabulous folk rock midtempos.

There are drums, bass and lots of acoustic guitars in here, but also electric leads, keys, mandolin and multi-part vocals with some female chorus as well.

But most important, very well-crafted songs from start to finish. This was a private release back in 1978, and a very recommended album for those into folk-psych and folk-rock."
1     Empty Bars     4:55
2     Summer Sun     4:36
3     Secrets Of The Past     4:50
4     Brothers     3:03
5     Move A Mountain     5:02
6     Gypsies In The Mist     6:27
7     Places, Faces, Pages     5:26
8     The Madman And The Angel     5:22
9     Something To Hang On To     5:17