ELECTRIC HOLYLAND - VA (fuzz drenched 70s psych) COMP LP

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A small vinyl repressing of this much-revered psychedelic compilation, out of print for nearly ten years! A compilation of some of the rarest, most obscure and guitar-driven Jesus Rock ever recorded, all from the 1960s and '70s. There's 12 different tracks from 12 different groups, including cuts from the mega-rare Earthen Vessel, Shekina Glory and The Ark albums. There's also fuzz-drenched offerings from such unknowns as Renacimiento, Children Of The Lamb and The Wild Olive Branch Band. This is a great combination of the obscure and heavy, yet it's all Jesus Rock. This comes in an absolutely stunning colorful original art psychedelic cover that will flash you back to San Francisco circa 1967!

1. The New Folk - Love Comes Down
2. Barrie Hobbie, Johann Black and Sweet Destiny - Get Down On Your Knees
3. First Revelation - Where Could I Go?
4. Wild Olive Branch Band - High Times, Low Times
5. Earthen Vessel - I've Been Walkin'
1. Shekina Glory - Ask
2. The Jesus Band - Jesus Is Mighty To Save
3. The Ark - Sidewalk Preacherman
4. Children Of The Lamb - Decisions
5. Renacimiento - Date Cuenta
6. Paul Clark - Jesus Is My Great Shepherd
7. The Four Corner Gospel Experience - Put Your Spirit Inside Of Me


•Sold out first pressing has been out of print for nearly ten years!

Side A:
1. Love Comes Down—The New Folk (1971)  3:09
2. Get Down On Your Knees—Barrie Hobbie, Johann Black and Sweet Destiny (1972)  4:34
3. Where Could I Go?—First Revelation (1973)  4:37
4. High Times, Low Times—Wild Olive Branch Band (1977) 2:46
5. I’ve Been Waklin’—Earthen Vessel (1969) 8:51

Side B:
1. Ask—Shekina Glory (1976)  3:19
2. Jesus is Mighty to Save—The Jesus Band (1979)  2:58
3. Sidewalk Preacherman—The Ark (1978) 2:56
4. Decisions—Children of the Lamb (1975) 2:51
5. Date Cuenta—Renacimiento (1978) 3:33
6. Jesus Is My Great Shepherd—Paul Clark (1973)  3:23
7. Put Your Spirit Inside of Me—The Four Corner Gospel Experience (1975) 3:42