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EVERYWHERE CHAINSAW SOUND - VA- Legendary '60s US garage psych COMP LP

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    This reissue of Everywhere Chainsaw Sound, the legendary 1960s US garage psych compilation, is available on 180-gram vinyl in a strictly limited, hand-numbered edition of 500 copies.

    Featuring tracks from many legendary 45s, it is presented with remastered sound and includes the original insert and a deluxe, full-color, double-sided info sheet with detailed notes and rarely-seen pictures, making it an essential addition to any psych connoisseur's record collection.

    "In a field full of weeds the earliest garage psych/punk compilations still possess a charm that endears them to collectors. Back in the early 1980s a number of now extremely rare compilations were briefly available via mail order. They almost immediately disappeared onto the shelves of a small but hardcore group of US '60s rock fans.

    Everywhere Chainsaw Sound was one such compilation that originated in France and was produced in a microscopic numbered edition of only 100 copies.

    Housed in a plain white card sleeve with handmade artwork, it remains, even to this day, almost unknown by the majority of '60s US garage psych collectors.

    Inspired by NUGGETS AND PEBBLES ,Boulders, and Acid Dreams created a demand for underground compilations that grew into the US garage rock reissue market that has since produced many thousands of records.

    An unceasing demand for music from probably the most exciting period of rock and roll has turned into a minor industry.

    Thankfully Everywhere Chainsaw Sound is once again available as a limited edition high quality vinyl reissue with improved sleeve notes and sound. You may have some of these recordings on other compilations but somehow the mystery excitement and sense of discovery that fuelled the first era of the garage rock revival is captured on this iconic compilation." --Richard Allen, founder of The Freak Emporium, now writes for Shindig!

    Everywhere Chainsaw Sound includes tracks by Lincoln St. Exit, The Spiders, The K-Otics, The Scepters, The Reverbs, Strangers, Ken & the Fourth Dimension, The Guilloteens, Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2, Unchained Mynds, Kan Dells, The Spokesmen, The Original Dukes, Heros, The Monacles, The Music Explosion, and Electric Prunes.



    A1                   –Lincoln St. Exit                   The Bummer                  

    A2                   –Spiders, The*                   Baby Doll                  

    A3                   –K-otics, The                   I'm Leaving Here                  

    A4                   –Scepters, The                   Little Girls Were Made To Love                  

    A5                   –Scepters, The                   Love You Baby All The Time                  

    A6                   –Reverbs, The*                   Lie In The Shade Of The Sun                  

    A7                   –Strangers*                   Tell Me                  

    A8                   –Ken & The Fourth Dimension*                   See If I Care                  

    A9                   –Guilloteens, The                   Hey You                  

    B1                   –Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2*                   Pick Up Your Head                  

    B2                   –Unchained Mynds*                   Hole In My Shoe                  

    B3                   –Kan Dells*                   Cry Girl                  

    B4                   –Spokesmen, The                   Mary Jane                  

    B5                   –Original Dukes, The                   Ain't About To Lose My Cool                  

    B6                   –Heros*                   I Can Only Give You Everything                  

    B7                   –Monacles, The*                   I Can't Win                  

    B8                   –Music Explosion, The                   Stay By My Side                  

    B9                   –Electric Prunes*                   You Never Had It Better                  


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