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FADING YELLOW # 3 - 22 shiny jewels of 60s US POP/PSYCH -COMPCD

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    65-'69'. REPRESSED! Vol 3, in the FADING YELLOW series presents us with '22 shiny jewels of US POP-SIKE and other delight from 1965-1969'.

    22 magic US 60's tracks on a comp for the very first time.


    1             –Eddie Hodges             Shadows And Reflexions             2:46

    2             –Michael & The Trees             Show You Love Me            

    3             –The Wiggs Of 1666             It Will Never Be The Same            

    4             –The Giant Jellybean Copout             Look At The Girls            

    5             –The Network (3)             The Boys And The Girls            

    6             –Saturday's Photograph             Gentle Lovin' San Francisco Man            

    7             –Mark Radice             Save Your Money            

    8             –Mark Radice             Wooden Girl            

    9             –The Voyage             One Day            

    10             –River Deep             Shelley Tell Me Why            

    11             –The Springfield Rifle             Left Of Nowhere            

    12             –The Lamp Of Childhood             First Time, Last Time            

    13             –The Trolley             Toy Shop            

    14             –East Side Kids             Take A Look In The Mirror            

    15             –London Phogg             The Times To Come            

    16             –The Carnival (2)             I'm Going Home Tomorrow            

    17             –Gaitley & Fitzgerald             Seance Day            

    18             –The Scandal             Girl, You're Goin' Out 'A My Mind            

    19             –Robbie Curtice*             When Diana Paints The Picture            

    20             –The Chicago Loop             This Must Be The Place            

    21             –Saturday's Photograph             Summer Never Go Away            

    22             –The Cadaver             Haven't Got The Time

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